Why blog? Why here? Why now? And where’s the cake?

Good afternoon. I should stress straight away that this blog entry wasn’t written way back in 2000 as the above date suggests, but rather more recently. However I wanted to make it the first entry, since I knew that I would be moving blogs over to here that I’d previously written in other places.

So then, welcome to this my first ‘proper’ collections of bloggings. I envisage that it will very much grow on an ad-hoc basis, with frantic, feverish activity some weeks and then you’ll be rewarded with weeks of absolute silence from me in between. Cherish those.

Now, contrary to the teachings of all the great writers and language and communications scholars, I shall start with a negative. And if you survive and proceed on past the negative, then you are indeed worthy of my admiration, my continued reverence and my frequent attempts to engage in heavy petting with you in the deep end. So strap yourself in, because here it comes :

I’m not a proper blogger and I’m not a proper Tweeter.

There. I’ve said it and actually it wasn’t nearly as painful, heroic or climactic as either of us had expected. I don’t know about you, but I feel I’ve rather let you down. Such a shame and we’d only just met as well. I wonder if the merest hint of ‘cake’ will tempt you to stay and read on? Let’s see shall we?

I’m not one of those people of whom folk are heard to say “oh he’s always got a lot to say for himself” or (and rather more cruelly) “well he’s very fond of the sound of his own voice” because neither statement would be true. I can quite happily go to a party and sit and listen to the conversations that bombard me and remain a passive bystander (or by-sitter I suppose). An eavesdropper of life you might say – and please do if you’d like to.

But I do have a lot to think. I am very fond of the sound (or often the smell) of my own thoughts and thanks to the availability of something called “weblogs” on another website, I recently began to tap out my thoughts and publish them on the web. And then for some mysterious reason, people began to read them. I regularly attend ‘gatherings’ where someone will come up to me and assault me with the phrase “oh you’re THAT Severin”, “I was reading your blog the other day and couldn’t stop laughing”. (I usually assume that it was raining ‘the other day’ and that the shops were shut and that their tellies were broken and they were being forced to read my rubbish by some burglar with a sadistic streak)!

But just lately I’ve undergone a bit of a revelation. I’ve become a Google geek – I embraced Gmail with open fingers and quickly fell in love with the labels and filters and most of the ‘labs‘ toys. From there it was only a matter of time before I began to rampage through the Reader application and into Blogger and well, here we both are.

(Please remember that this blog entry was written when i still using Blogger.)

So I have decided to start a blog. My blog. And so to start with, I’m going to attempt to bring you up to date with my previous blogging exploits. Over the coming hours or days I shall be copying over to here, some of the blogs that I’ve written in the past on other sites. But be warned, some of them have a distinctly ‘adult’ flavour to them (hence the “Adult Content warning“) and some of them were written with the proverbial tongue planted in the proverbial cheek (my tongue and usually my cheek).

I should add that I do also have an unhealthy fascination with cake, evident by the numerous references to it which appear from time to time within my blogs. But let’s be honest, in the end, it’s either cake or death!

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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3 Responses to Why blog? Why here? Why now? And where’s the cake?

  1. PP says:

    I can’t believe you and Ingrid are no longer the IT-couple. I so enjoyed reading your bits and pieces. As soon as I move away from IC for a moment – it all goes down the hill 🙂

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    So this is where you started. Wow, you’ve been blogging heaps long.

    Cake eh? I bet I know where you like it spread.

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