Submission begins – 2/Rebirth

  • Event : Club Wicked
  • Date : Saturday 27th May 2006

Today all happened very quickly. A friend (Merrynb) had mentioned me to Mistress Eve. Mistress Eve had requested that i attend a new Fetish event in Eastbourne on June 9th (House of Fetish). i had agreed to and was all set, safe in the knowledge that i had two weeks to lose some weight, find something to wear, etc etc.

Then the day starts with a text message from Merrynb. Mistress Eve had instructed her to ask me if i would attend her TONIGHT at Club Wicked. BLIND PANIC!!!!!

i was sure i had nothing left to wear that still fitted me. I hadn’t played for over two years. my pain thresholds would be pathetically low, although i comforted myself with the belief that i wouldn’t be played with anyway as it was my first time, i was going to observe and attend to Mistress Eve.

But what to wear? After a quick panic-filled phone call to Merrynb, it was decided that i’d pop round to her place with my collection of clothing and see if anything still fitted and looked ok. So 1 hour later i was trying on my various tops and thongs, shorts etc. and getting a Definite Yes or a Very Definite No to each. That helped enormously (thank you Hun).

Then all that was left, was the simply matter of us popping in the car, down to Eastbourne.

6 hours. SIX BLOODY HOURS. Every sod in the country decided that today was the day to go and drive around the North Circular – in the same direction that i wanted to. We crawled. After a while we were grateful for the small crawls, those little judders of 10 yards that took us closer.

The hours ticked by. Hysteria began to set in. Well people are oft found dead in their cars, days after gridlock. Still, as long as we had with us something to eat and drink and enough petrol we’d be…..SHIT !!! The needle wasn’t even bothering to get up off it’s little rest and enter the red zone, let alone give us any indication that there might be some fuel left.

i tried to keep things calm, but inside i was thinking “she’s only little – she’ll be really crap at pushing this 2 tonne heap of Swedish tin” (i drive a Volvo – you may bow).

Well hunger set in, then thirst, then dehydration, the hallucinations, the dysentery, the ….. well ok maybe it wasn’t that bad, but thank heaven for the two Locketts that Merrynb found in the fluffy pocket of her coat. Life saving sweets and with a soothing menthol vapour action too.

Eventually, thanks to some seriously good navigating from my co-pilot (who is not from this country and needed persuading that the pages showing the roads of Scotland, whilst pretty, were of no practical use to us today) we made it via alternative roads, although another accident in East Grinstead (who the hell ever went to East Grinstead) tried to stop us, but we prevailed – after being on the road for over 6 hours.

You can imagine that we were both the worst for wear, but a warm plate of food, an even warmer welcome from our fabulous hosts, a refreshing shower and lots of enthusiastic panting and licking and we felt refreshed.

And don’t be so dirty minded, our hosts have dogs.

Before we left the house, there was one moment of supreme importance and significance for me. Mistress bid me to kneel in front of Her and She placed around my neck a beautiful steel collar, snapped the lock shut and put the key away. That simple act, which i know so many of you know, was so powerful. Merrynb already had on her matching collar. We were now both in service, both owned, both in submission and both proud to wear them.

Then i went with Mistress Eve, MasterG and Merrynb to Club Wicked. This was the first play club that i had been to for well over two years. i went, presuming that i was not going to play. my role was to attend Mistress Eve, to look after her things, fetch her drinks, look after her cigarettes (whoops) etc.

i’m no stranger to fetish clubs and so the atmosphere was not unfamiliar, but the place is fantastic – lots and lots of rooms with all sorts of facilities.

i did my best to attend to Mistress Eve although somehow between us, Merrynb and i managed to lose Her cigarettes and lighter (but i blame ‘M’). However i loved being in attendance to Her. Mistress Eve is obviously one of the ‘celebrities’ of Wicked and i felt proud to be by Her side.

Eventually, after what seemed like an agonised wait, during which i’d watched so many people playing and having all sorts of dirty pleasurable fun things done to them, Mistress Eve informed me that She was going to flog me now. Well my stomach churned, my head span, my knees knocked and my brain went absent. i was laid over a lovely black padded flogging bench (exquisite workmanship) and shackled into place. i knew that Mistress Eve had a reputation. She could be severe and i knew that She loves to flog. Master G had prepared me, Mistress Eve prepared to flog and i simply prepared to die.

The first one seemed to take forever to arrive and when it did, i knew that i was in exactly the right place, in exactly the right position at the mercy of exactly the right person. The flogger kissed me. The flogger massaged me. The flogger gave me brief and tantalised insights into the pain that it could offer. But most of all it gave me the most lovely, long sought after feeling imaginable. i relished every stroke. i cared not where it landed or how hard it landed, i just needed it to land – on my flesh. And it did, with the most expert care and guidance.

i tried to keep still, but i couldn’t. Not from wanted to shy away from it, but to meet each stroke, to show it that it was welcome to my flesh, that it belonged there and that i relished it. Mistress Eve would sometimes come around in front of me and hold me. i think i said things, but i have no idea what. And then an AMAZING thing happened.

I don’t know where it came from. Here was a lady who i had only met a few hours earlier, who had never played with me before, yet now all of a sudden, i wanted to offer my devotion to her. i cared not what was done as long as She was having fun. Her pleasure was all that mattered. That was an incredibly powerful emotion … and i want it again and again.

Mistress then began to cane me. Little jolts of blissful pain, controlled, precise, stinging, delicate, yet warm and gorgeous. At that my mind just went off somewhere, i know not where. i probably talked gibberish nonsense, but the gorgeous feelings that were flowing around my entire body, filled me with ecstasy and euphoria. Mistress seemed to know exactly which buttons to press. She even came and whispered that i was now going to receive six hard strokes. How could she possible know the effect that would have on me?

Well finally it was over and all too quickly. We didn’t play for very long, but by the end of it, i would have let Her do absolutely anything to me, not because i wanted particular things, but because the one thing i wanted the most in the whole world was to make Her happy at that moment… do anything that would bring Her pleasure. i loved that feeling of utter surrender and devotion and i want it again.

Mistress Eve had opened a box that has been tightly shut for two years and now there was no way the lid would close again. I just want to play and play.

One of things that really excites is surprises …. the slight fear of the unknown …. going somewhere that i’m not familiar with, not knowing what will be done to me. For that reason i didn’t go and have a look round the rest of the club, i merely attended on Mistress and only visited the rooms that She did. If i’m lucky enough to go there again, i love the fact that i might be taken into a room and not know what equipment or furniture is in there. That there are places there which are still unknown to me and can still give me fear.

The evening also gave me several things to think about. I suppose one thing that i hadn’t really thought about before going to Club Wicked, was the differences between going to a play club with a girlfriend and going as the guest of a Mistress. This was the thing that i found most difficult.

i’m ashamed to say that i was a little envious of Merrynb because she seemed to be constantly playing or being used. i love playing and found it very hard to not be centre of Mistress’s attention and i know that this is very selfish, but i need to acknowledg that that is something that i need to deal with. And it’s a torture that i will willingly go through time and time again if i was allowed to accompany Mistress Eve to another event. In fact i was almost tempted to beg Mistress NOT to play with me so that the torture is even worse so that i get through it quicker. i have no idea if that makes sense (but hey it doesn’t mater, no-one’s reading this, only me).

A little while later i was able to observe Mistress Eve doing a very complicated needle play. i was allowed to help by offering needles, collecting ribbon etc. which gave me a very close view of the whole procedure. In my old play days, needle play was something extreme, on the edge, and definitely not on my shopping list. Well i don’t have a shopping list any more. My pain threshold is low and needle play scares the hell out of me and i wouldn’t do it by choice. But that’s not important. If Mistress Eve wanted to do it or anything else, i now consider it my duty to at least try and accept it. i will welcome any pain that She gives me as a friend. A special friend that takes me on incredible journeys. i may not be able to cope with it. i may safeword out, i may feel ill, but the point is that i want to try to accept all that Mistress has to offer.

So many things were going through my head as i chauffeured Mistress Eve, Master G and Merrynb back. i was trying not to get distracted by the feminine voice still giving me instruction … “At….the roundabout……take the …. 1st exit” etc. Tom Tom added an amusing element (and vital as my knowledge of the local geography was zero and i couldn’t help but laugh when she said “You have reached your destination …… but don’t stop just yet”.

The final moment of significance came all too soon. i knelt before Mistress and She unlocked and removed the collar. i think i was praying for the key to break or for Mistress to change Her mind. i felt sad that the evening was over, but had so much to ponder and so much to look forward to.

i experienced many emotions during my time there and i welcome them all, even the tiny negatives ones, which are all stops along the road that i’m delighted to be taking.

The next day i hear that Mistress Eve is willing to continue my training, to continue to have me attend on Her at events and i am very very grateful. i am aware that there are so many male submissives out there, She can pick and choose whoever She wants and i’m delighted to be one of her chosen few.

Through Mistress Eve i have started to become the person that i want to be. My rebirth has begun.

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  1. Actuaria says:

    Hello – I just read this. Just wanted to say Wow!!

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