Submission begins – 3/Ironing and buzzing

  • Event : Ironing at home alone
  • Date : Monday 29th May 2006

I was at home today and had lots of ironing to do – well i’ve been very busy with shows and i’d let it build up. For the best part of a month, all i ever needed to wear was stage blacks, which i never iron, because no-one ever sees them. So the ironing board had gone into hibernation. Until today. i really did need to make a dent in the growing pile, so decided to have a good go at it.

Mistress contacted me to enquire if i owned any butt plugs. i gave Her my current list of anal toys :

  • 1 vibrating butt plug (in that horrible pink-orangey colour)
  • 1 sweet little shaped anal toy (slips in easily, slips out even more easily)
  • 1 black latex butt plug (the larger of a pair which we divided when partner and i split up. I’ve never been able to take this one)
  • 1 life size flexible dildo (feels huge, but once there feels great in motion)

Mistress ordered that i should wear the vibrating butt plug during the ironing, which was nice, although posed two questions. Firstly, She didn’t specify whether it should be vibrating or not, and secondly, how to keep it in (it kept slipping out).

Mistress specified that it should vibrate during every other item of ironing (to which i cheekily replied “so, that’s one sock, one double quilt cover, 1 sock, one double sheet with fitted valance, one sock, oh, think the curtains need ironing”, well i like to amuse Mistress).

I experimented with various items of clothing and eventually settled on a tight pair of shorts and proceeded to get an awful lot of ironing done.

Thank You Mistress.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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