Submission begins – 4/Controlled masturbation

  • Event : At home alone
  • Date : Tuesday 30th May 2006

Today held yet another first, along my journey. It was very simple, very pleasurable yet reinforced on me, that i was now in training with my Mistress.

Mistress Eve simply had an instruction for me. There was never any doubt that it would be carried out. Why should there be? Even though it was going to be a pleasurable experience, it still had the effect of putting me in my place, of reminding me, that the pleasures of orgasm are not necessarily mine any more.

Mistress instructed me to put on a collar. i have a leather collar which has three D rings. i was also to put clamps or similar onto my nipples. My friend Merrynb knows that i have a little stationery fetish (don’t the French make such lovely feeling paper? i could stand and fondle French stationery in hypermarkets all day – please tell me i’m not alone).

Anyway she had bought me a little box of those miniature clothes pegs. Rymans sell them as stationery! A novel alternative to the paper clip. i’m sorry, but no-body in the 4 billion year history of stationery has ever bought a packet of those and not attached at least one to some part of their anatomy.

And so i attached one to each nipple. As with a lot of nipple clamp type devices, how far on you put it, makes a difference. I started with it quite a way onto the nipple, but quickly moved it further out for a more intense sensation. (OK i’ll admit since no-one’s reading this, i did put another couple on each side as well to see how many i could get on each nipple and to see how it felt, but please don’t tell Mistress).

Finally i was to insert the vibrating butt plug again (see the Chapter 3).

The last instruction was simple. i was to masturbate to completion (as Mistress put it). And i did. i surrendered to Mistress’s long-distance, but long-reaching control. As i stroked and caressed my cock with one hand, i inevitably found my other hand drawn to my nipples. The pegs were biting, but not fiercely, but enough to give that sharp exquisite pleasure sensation. i usually take ages and ages to cum. Not today, not under Mistress’s instruction. As i wanked i began to force the pegs to bite harder, to twist and flick them and increase their hold. And then from nowhere, came a huge bolt of electricity which went straight to my cock and i was cumming.

Mistress would have laughed. i came with such force that i shot myself in the eye.

How can a wank ever be the same again now? I pleasured myself and it was good, but it wasn’t for me, it was for Mistress.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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