An amazing week

This last seven days has been incredible. I have been so lucky in many ways. When i have more time i will elaborate on this brief sketch of the week, but for now, here’s how it panned out :

Saturday 29th July – Kinkfest

Towards the end of the 2nd Kinkfest day, i was fortunate to have two exciting play episodes.

Firstly, a lovely lady friend tied me into a chair in some exquisite and imaginative rope bondage.

Secondly, two fabulous ladies (Velvet and Rosalee) had me kneeling on a flogging stool and were giving me some flogging, caning, riding crop – who knows what else. The normally very subby Velvet seemed to take great delight in torturing my cock and balls with a pinwheel. My thanks must also go to LittleBoots for instructing the ladies and lending them the toys.

Tuesday 1st August – Cambridge munch

Lots of attention from Lady Jayne and Lady Villen. Taken down to the gay bar in just my little leather shorts, nipple clamps and weights, hood and with the words “First Fuck Free” on my back. Serious humiliation.

Was entered in slave auction and won by same two ladies. In a moment of masochistic suicidal madness, i then bid on LittleBoots as well so that there were the three of them dealing with me. This was the first time that i’d subbed to a real male Dom as well. More details and pictures to come.

Wednesday 2nd August – Keston munch

Met up with the lovely Mistress Fox who introduced me to the single tail bull whips. More details to follow, but she used first one and then two together to produce some fantastic sensations. Although it was sometime painful, i wanted more – it was fabulous. Having now had my first whipping from a single tail, i was given the cracker as a momento – which i shall treasure.

Thursday 3rd August – Putney munch

Won some prizes in the raffle: – a t-shirt, a flogger by Mistress Evie and two tickets to the September birthday Hades. Miss micro and i have already asked Mistress Evie if she would christen the flogger herself – on both of us.

Friday 4th August – Drinks and Chastity Contract signed

Had a lovely evening chatting to Miss Lead who has chosen to offer me a Chastity contract – which i have signed. From Monday 7th August, for a period of 28 days, my genitals belong exclusively to Miss Lead who has full control and authority over them. I will only be allowed to touch them when using the toilet or washing.

Saturday 5th August – LoveTrix Summer Festival

Finally – after thinking for months that i would not be able to go, i now know that i can go to LoveTrix !

What a fabulous week.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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