A Diary of Chastity – week 1 of 6

I may or may not keep this up to date. Like many ideas that i have, it seems a good one now, but it is becomes a chore, then, i’ll stop writing it.

So i’ve entered into a chastity agreement with MissLead. She is now the owner – and i use the word deliberately, the OWNER of what were my set of genitals. A full set, my only set.

Day 0 – Sunday 6th August

This was the countdown day. Went to LAM and Everybody seemed to know about it. I just asking the time – and working out how many wanking hours i had left. I was going to have such a good self-play session before the chastity began at midnight – it was going to be an orgasm that i’d really enjoy.

Was delighted to find MissLead at LAM – doing photography of the stage performance.

And then whilst chatting afterwards she mentioned rope, i went all gooey and that was it, we went off to play. Well i mean i was an obedient rope bunny whilst MissLead practised her art. Yea right. I loved every second of it. But something very weird was happening. Each time she encased me, every turn and constriction, had me feeling more and more submissive to this lady. It started out as a bit of fun, public fun too – yummy. But soon it had me gagging, begging inside to kneel and let the subby one inside me out. She was going to have complete control of my sex, my sexuality, my masturbation, my orgasms and that felt so right – i needed to submit to this lady. Eventually i was kneeling, what a relief. I was aware at all of our surroundings, of who was there, who was passing, there was just MissLead and i. I was at her feet, it felt complete. I felt content. I said to her later that i could have stayed there all night.

Well it came time to pack up and say our goodbyes – only a few wanking hours left – and a few friends were going over to the After Party – so i went across as well and got somehow ended up getting whipped by a guy (i don’t ‘do’ guys) who had this amazing reproduction Royal Navy ship’s cat ‘o nine tails – complete with knots and little weights. I had to know what it felt like. With hindsight i might have still been a bit spacey – because i was soon in that nice happy place, being watched by his two beautiful sub ladies helped as well.

Anyway, time marched on – the clock ticked round and it was soon 10pm – only two hours of wanking time left. Then somebody suggested that i might like to end the day and my freedom with the help of some rope. Wow i thought – not only am i going to cum, but i’m going to be in rope and be watched – perfect – my idea of heaven.

You, dear reader, can probably tell where this is heading. “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

We both got so carried away. I was in rope, feeling very horny, knowing i was going to cum soon. Things were being done t me that made me feel soooo slutty – i felt like a wanton whore – and loved it. Wished i was on stage at LAM being watched by many. This was going to end in a great CUM!!

We noticed the time – 11:54pm. SHIT!!! Only six minutes. I was encased in rope – not only were my little boy bits entombed but so was my left hand!! They were never going to connect in time. It takes me a while to cum and i knew i’d need more time than i had. HOW FRUSTRATING.

And so my 28 days of chastity began, not with drained and empty testicles, in a post orgasmic glow, but hard and bursting.

Please don’t laugh dear reader, it’s really not funny – although laughing was the only way to deal with it. The lady i was with untied me – and we were both very careful not to let the rope touch or stimulate ‘those bits’ (well one touch and it could have quite messy). We were both determined to honour the deadline agreement.

And so after a chat and a hug i drove home – in chastity to MissLead. No longer the owner of my cock and balls – merely the courier of them. And it felt fantastic. This is going to be an exciting 28 days.

I’ve no idea what will happen along the way – indeed whether i’ll succeed or not – but i really want to. And i know that it will be difficult at times. Stay tuned and come with me?

Day 1 – Monday 7th August

OK this isn’t playing fair. I’m completely straight, but very curious about some bi stuff. A lot of my fantasies involve being with a couple and being coerced into doing some bi things.

So at 11am when i get a text message from a couple that i know, who are asking if i’d like to see them tonight and to play with both of them – i nearly scream (i was at work). That is just not fair.

Decided to make a spreadsheet at work with a thermometer that shows %age of task complete – 672 hours – wow – 2% gone already. Decide it’s a bad idea to sit watching it.

Day 2 – Tuesday 8th August

OMG!! When i went to bed last night – i was SO aware of my – of MissLead’s cock – it was begging to be stroked. It took all my will(y) power to resist – i did resist, but it was soooo difficult.

A small voice in my head kept saying, go on, just a few strokes – it’ll feel sooo nice and she’ll never know. It was really difficult. With the help of the radio and feeling sleepy i somehow got through it – but i realised just how tough this is going to be at times.

For going to the Kingston munch i had a task to perform. I had to go to the munch wearing the spiky cock ring that Merrynb bought me. It’s leather with glow-in-the-dark spikes – very pretty (not that anyone saw it). It’s not that it keeps me hard, but what it does do is add weight to MissLead’s cock – which means i’m aware of it constantly. So whilst everyone was talking to me about Violet Wands and Rope and kidnapping, i was well aware of MissLead’s cock and balls. It was a nice feeling. It would be nice to cum home and have a nice fiddle of course (especially after tonight – lots of pervy talk) but i can’t – i don’t have any rights to touch the one i’m carrying. And so the chastity continues. Microsoft tells me i’m nearly 7% through the task now.

Day 3 – Wednesday 9th August

Ok. So what have i learnt so far dear listener (i’ve no idea who i’m talking to, no-one is going to read this far – even the spell checker is yawning).

Well i’ve learnt already, that it’s not a journey. It’s a rather scary rollercoaster ride. First the good news. I’ve passed 10% (at 8pm this evening to be precise). The spreadsheet is slowly growing into an Excel application No such picture! – geeky i know.

The bad news is that i had the flumps last night. That’s not some sort of weird sexual experience (as far as i know) but it’s the only non-word i can think off. I got glum. I started doubting some aspects of what i was doing. Not doubting myself – i still think i have a chance of actually pulling this off (please laugh out loud – the pun was intentional). My one big worry has always been, that if i’m in chastity to one person, that other people will no longer want to play with me.

I’ve already had an exclusive play relationship (which was fabulous and very educational) but now i’m enjoying the freedom. There are some really lovely people who i’m meeting and playing with and one or two new ones possible as well. i’m very lucky i know. But i had been warned, that to some people, chastity equals ownership.

So i had a flump. Chatted to MissLead and got over it. Then came the next task.

This morning before leaving for work, i had to adorn the cock (that’s MissLead’s cock in case you’re keeping up) with some lovely pink string that i have (and one of you knows exactly which string that is). So i tied it all up nice and tight and finished it off with a bow – and took a picture.

I’ve had to wear it all day – and i love that it reminds me of who i’m doing this for. MissLead is never far from my thoughts – she is the keeper of my chastity – the one i’m proving i can do it for (as well as myself). It comes off at 11pm and i’m sure it’ll be a relief – there’s a little chaffing involved, but i will enjoy the feeling of obeying another instruction from a lovely Lady. I was feeling very submissive at work today towards MissLead when she texted me her instructions – and it was really hard not being able to just kneel beside her and surrender. So i wonder what challenges tomorrow will bring. Will they be physical or mental? Workwise it’s an interesting day – they’re paying me to take a bunch of guys to play cricket. I drive there, watch cricket, eat lunch, drink the bar (J2O as i’m driving) watch more cricket, soak up sun hopefully, then drive them home. Very odd – but might be fun – also might be very boring – so my mind will have lots of time to think up mischief!! Goodbye.

Day 4 – Thursday 10th August

MissLead instructed me to post the picture of her cock, however it breaks IC’s rules and so has not been allowed (if i’d bothered to read them, it does say about no genital pictures and this was a picture of a cock – so i can’t complain).

Today i was instructed to wear a blue ribbon around the cock, something thicker than the pink string of yesterday. I was out of the office all day and so could not find any blue ribbon, but i did have a piece of red ribbon at home which, apart from the colour, fitted the task. So i spent the day at a cricket day, with a red ribbon tied around MissLead’s cock in a pretty bow. I also had in my wallet, a piece of the pink string as a reminder of yesterday. I just kept smiling to myself every time i opened the wallet – (not often as it was a free bar) and every time a went for a pee (quite often as it was a free bar).

As i write this, the ribbon is still in place – i have not been instructed to remove it. I’ve not had any real urges to play today, just happy reminders of my chastity and my commitment to MissLead.

Oh – and some kind peson started a thread – “Severin’s Chastity Sweepstake”. I expected some teasing, even some ridicule, but i never expected some of the nice things that folk have said.

Day 5 – Friday 11th August

Well i made the mistake yesterday of saying that a picture of the cock would be available. Of course in doing so i was forgetting that the owner of the cock had not given permission for this. How thick am i?

Yesterday i had a task that was intreguing. I had to buy a thin piping nozzle. Now as far as i can see, a nozzle only has two functions. It either inserts something or it extracts something. Both scare but excite me. Or maybe MissLead is simple going to make me a nice cake.

Day 6 – Saturday 12th August

Was kept awake frequently and woke up this morning, with a throbbing raging erection. MissLead had instructed me to wear a blue ribbon around her cock for the rest of the night. When i tied it, the cock was soft and i really didn’t expect to get hard. I think i might have done it too tight. But because of the material used, i’d stapled the bow in place and so it couldn’t actually be undone until the allotted time. Although the cock was in some pain, it did feel good to have this huge erection (it’s normally quite insignificant i can assure you). I must admit that it would have been nice to play with it until it shot me in the eye (why does it do that)? However i simply thought of MissLead’s pleasure, both at my discomfort and at my resistance to temptation. I left it alone (apart from cutting of the ribbon with a very large pair of scissors).

It meant that i was thinking about her frequently throughout the night – reminding myself that this was her task that i was submitting to. The only problem with that, is that it kept me hard even longer. But i love this feeling of submission to this lady. I was telling her yesterday, that somehow, she has very quickly found the right buttons to press – she now has quite a power over me – and i love that.

Well Excel tells me (and i really didn’t need a spreadsheet to point this out) that tomorrow night, i will be 25% through the chastity. What i don’t understand (and this is really weird) is that part of me is a little sad that it seems to be going iso quickly.

Day 7 – Sunday 13th August

Woke up today with 2 things. Firstly one of my headaches. Won’t go into it now, but i get things called Cluster Headaches. A real pain in the ….. well head actually.

However i also woke up with the memory of reading MistressNikki’s post at the bottom of this page. And that had me squirming and gagging to touch myself. i ended up with my hands trapped under my bum (this is so silly) just looking down at MissLead’s cock and wanting to thrust it against something – i’d have shagged Bambi at that point if i could. However i resisted and got up and left it alone. Thankfully now the erection has subsided. Good job too, it wasn’t doing my headache any good.


Well the smart cookies amongst you will have noticed the change in title – it now says week 1 of 5.

Well some things have to remain private between a sub and the person he is subbing to. However what i can say, is that although i didn’t touch myself or do anything sexual in any way, or allow anyone else to (so in other words i’m still chaste) i did do something else which incurred a punishment. Part of this punishment was to extend the chastity by 7 days.

To go on to read week 2, click here.

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    Most interested to see that you did not lose this … was an intense journey indeed. ML.

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