A Diary of Chastity – week 2 of 6

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Day 8 – Monday 14th August

Well it’s like starting again. 28 days start here. I incurred a punishment from MissLead and a part of it was to add another 7 days to the chastity. Thankfully i’m proud of the fact that it wasn’t for anything sexual. I didn’t masturbate or have sex or do anything of a sexual nature, but i did do something which deserved punishment.

Off to bed now, to consider the new improved longer lasting chastity ordeal, with 25% extra FREE!!!

(The upside is, i get to play with the Excel spreadsheet and add more bells and whistles).

Day 9 – Tuesday 15th August

Day 9 in the Big Chaste House, 6.55AM. Found a memo from MissLead containing some tasks :) yummy :) One practical, one physical and one surprise. For some reason, receiving tasks from the owner of the cock makes me feel really slutty. I get this urge to want to be displayed. Like when the lady was doing stuff to me just before midnight last week, i just wanted to be used and thought of as a wanton whore – well this is similar. i have no idea why it does that, but MissLead’s cock seems to like it. :)

An eBay purchase arrived today, nothing to do with chastity – just an item of clothing that’s completely transparent. It’ll never be worn in public – way too embarressing – but i love wearing it – and trying it on made MissLead’s cock hard. I sooo wanted to rub it – not to cum, just to feel it, but i didn’t. I got dressed and went back to work, hard and horny. Ok, so it didn’t help that MissLead telephoned whilst i was trying it on (how does she do that?) and demanded to know what it was. Felt very humiliating admitting what it was – and no, i’ll never say on here, so don’t ask.

Tonight it feels very strange. I have to occupy myself because i’m banned from going to the Watford munch. It’s part of a punishment which i (sort of) deserve. Not being able to wear my little white see through shorts in public, hurts and not being able to see some really nice pervy friends really hits home. So a good punishment i guess. Oh well – i can sit around in pervy cloths and see through garments instead.

Day 10 – Wednesday 16th August

I decided to sleep wearing my new purchase – ‘cos i like the feel of the plasticness of it. Woke up feeling really horny and i appear to have a face painted on my foot, but you don’t wanna know.

So i haven’t wanked for over 10 days – i’m sure that this is some kind of new record for me. The daft thing is, that i could if i wanted to. It’s there, dangling between my legs, it just doesn’t seem to spend too much time dangling at the moment. MissLead’s cock is indeed, a most animated of cocks, popping up, as it does, whilst shoping, at meetings, in the car and every single night. But could i wank it? Yes i flaming well could. Oh i know it isn’t mine, it doesn’t belong to me, it would be a dishonour to you-know-who etc. etc. etc., but oh yes, i could – i just haven’t – yet. Day 10 of 35. A long long way to go. And the worst moments are still to come i’m sure.

I’m going for dinner tonight with a young, sexy, very tasty, deliciously horny woman who knows about the chastity. I just know she’ll arrive semi-naked and probably with pussy juice smeared on her lips before we kiss ‘hello’. Well if she teases too much, she’s paying the bill.

Day 11 – Thursday 17th August

Is it just me or is Japanese food soooo sexy? Went out to dinner last night with a beautiful woman. And yes, the conversation did come round to sex now and again. Who am i kidding – it was three hours of foreplay – just without the play. I swear they put something in our food. Are the Japanese always wanking & shagging & going down on each other? They should be if that’s what they eat. A very nice meal and a fabulous evening. And yes dear listener, i did manage to behave myself – although i couldn’t help noticing her tits (i should explain that i’m not a ‘tit man’, not a fan of big ones, but hers are just the right size – not too big at all).

OK, on to serious matters – have i failed the chastity task? During the night i’m aware that i had some kind of dream, i was dreaming that i was cumming. In my dream, i don’t think anything was being done to me, no-one was touching me, but i was just having an amazing orgasm. When i awoke this morning, it was obvious that I had had some sort of orgasm. I know i didn’t touch myself – i’m very very sure of that – but i still seem to have cum. Not sure where that leaves me – need to consult with MissLead, but i’m very disappointed. Maybe I’d been teasing myself too much – so maybe my body just couldn’t cope – i don’t know. I know i didn’t do anything, but that’s not the point. So not a good start to the day.

Well i’m relieved to find out that i haven’t failed. Natural bodily reactions are ok.

Had very colourful task today. What a picture.

Day 12 – Friday 18th August

Just after 5pm today, we passed the 33.33% point, i.e. we’re one third of the way through the chastity (next Thursday lunchtime, is the mid-way point).

Today’s task did cause me some problems – some painfull problems. I was tasked with doing something which would prove decorative but a little uncomfortable. As the day went on it became clear that the ‘format’ of the decration was likely to start causing damage – and so some ‘rearrangement’ had to occur. The task finishes at 9.30pm when a photograph of the marks left is to be taken. OUCH!!

Day 13 – Saturday 19th August – Hades Day

Well today was always going to be interesting. It was the first time i’d met up with MissLead in a few days. And it was going to be the first time that we’d played together properly (properly as in, if you don’t count the pub :) ).

From a chastity perspective, the daytime build up was difficult. Lots of writing on MissLead’s cock and some other ‘stuff’, so i was in quite a heightened state for most of the day. I’ve always been able to cope with that, but today it was much more difficult. I noticed that i was needing to actively avoid any sort of sexually stimulating email or picture or memo etc.

I guess it’s the closest i’ve come to weakening. If the right woman had turned up on my doorstep, naked, offering herself, offering to pay me for sex and feed me sardines and anchovies, whilst her friend filmed the whole thing, i’d have been very very tempted (hey stop it, i don’t laugh at your kinks).

But there was one moment (you might just wanna reach for the sick bucket here) when i looked down at MissLead’s cock, and it looked right back up at me (it was a beautiful moment), when i realised that it really does belong to MissLead. If I touched it now, she would be so disappointed, and that would make me so sad and disappointed.

So i got through that moment – thank god.

And then it was Hades. Most of what happened at Hades is private, just between MissLead and i, but we talked a lot, and played a lot (Rope, breathe play, knife play, CBT, cling film) – and i had the most magical evening imaginable. We spent the whole evening together and the time just dissappeared. I’ve very willing to admit, that i was a very very lucky boy. I don’t deserve it i know. A play connection like that happens very rarely i know, especially between two people who have not known each other that long. I must say too, that I’m really very very touched by Mark’s graciousness – and so grateful for his help. I need say no more, other than i’m even more determined now to do this. To succeed, to honour the faith and the time that’s been invested in me. (If you haven’t vomited by now, you’ll be ok)

Day 14 – Sunday 20th August – JustRope Day

Well today, we’re due to meet up in a while at JustRope – where the emphasis is on – well you figure it out.

Needless to say, i’ll cope, i’m sure. The chastity today, seems like a doddle – nothing could be easier. I know that that will change as i go through the week, but today, it’s a joy to do.

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