A Diary of Chastity – week 3 of 6

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Day 15 – Monday 21th August

So why has this chastity just got so much easier? It has. It suddenly feels like very little effort. I’ve just had a very intense weekend of play. Play which i’m not going to describe in full here – a Domme and her sub have to have a few secrets you know.

As some people know, I was with MissLead at Hades on Saturday – and we played together all night. Was anyone else there? Well apart from Mark, I have no idea – it could have been just the three of us. It really helped to define the Domme / sub relationship. But far more than that, MissLead started to take me somewhere that I’ve never ever been.

And on Sunday there was JustRope. A wonderful experience. I went there with my friend and fellow rope-slut M and the two of us were roped by both MissLead and Mark. A deliciously perverted and provocative time, a lot of fun and a nice way to spend a Sunday evening.

But why has this chastity just got easier? I’ll think about that for tomorrow.

Day 16 – Tueday 22th August

OK, I promised to think about why this task just got easier. I suppose there are four possible reasons :

1) Maybe i’m not interested in sex any more – so might join a convent ( :) ) – well they say “Use it or lose it”

2) I’m definitely still flying from the intense play over the weekend, the true ownership of the cock and balls is so obvious to me

3) Can’t think of a third.

4) The Domme / sub relationship has been strengthened so much, that my desire to please MissLead has just increased ten-fold.

Day 17 – Wednesday 23rd August

Still flying from the weekend’s play. A cock oriented task to do today involving a marker pen and a ball of string.

Chastity? Bring it on.

Day 18 – Thursday 24th August

Thursday is the traditional day – for sub drop. So where is it? Why don’t i feel like putting my head in the microwave? (Well ok it’s still full of pants, but that’s not the point).

By rights i should be miserable, bad tempered, irritable and nasty. But no, i leave all that to my Domme (joking, honest).

Sub drop has failed to appear. I’ve been cured. I’m healed. MissLead IS the Holy Grail. She and she alone can cure sub drop. After play with her, it’s disappeared, it’s gone forever.

Day 19 – Friday 25th August

At midday yesterday, we reached 50%. Had a cheese sandwich to celebrate.

Chastity is still easy. This evening a i helped a friend move house. She’s moving in with a girl who is gay. Turns out she’s also gorgeous, pretty, clever, interesting, witty, cute, chatty, musical, funny, intelligent – need i go on?

Got on with her so well – hope she becomes a firm friend. Unfortunately i can’t grab hold of my firm friend due to chastity. Oh well. Other than that, it’s still going well.

Day 20 – Saturday 26th August

Does having wet dream about going down on new lesbian friend count as breaking chastity vow? Hope not.

Feeling really crap today. Emptying microwave in case i need it. This is a diary about chastity though, not my whole life – it’s boring enough as it is. But i was diagnosed with Cluster Headaches a while ago and today started off with a bugger of one. I’d stick my head on the neighbouring rail line, but they’re so dirty and the trains are so unreliable.

Joking aside, i know what i really really need. A damn good prolonged flogging. When i last had one during a bad attack, it really helped. I didn’t tell the person who was flogging me that i had one, in case they stopped, but it really helped.

Shiatsu might help, but i’m really afraid of that as it involves applying pressure – during a Cluster Headache, blood pressure shoots up for a while, so extra pressure isn’t always welcome – but i know someone who i trust.

Day 21 – Sunday 27th August

Technically the majority of the evening – and its effects upon my chastity – were after midnight, so if you want to know more, tune in next week when we’ll be bringing you “A Diary of Chastity – week 4 of 5”. Until then, sleep well and remember, don’t have nightmares.

To go on to read week 4, click here.

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