A Diary of Chastity – week 4 of 6

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Day 22 – Monday 28th August

Well chastity was going so well. Oh true it had had its moments, there had been a handful of times when a bit of a play with myself would have been nice, but on the whole there had been few occasions on which i was really desperate to cum.

Until last night.

MissLead wanted to play. Well who am i to say ‘no’? Our play is delicious, exciting, never boring, dangerous, thrilling and something i crave more and more of (well I’m the sub, it’s all about what i want right)?

So i was asked if i would accompany her to go out and play. I didn’t know where – in fact i begged her not to tell me. And play we did. Even though the venue was packed and noisy and far from ideal for play, we still found lots to do and had a lot of fun. We both left feeling good and very happy with the evening.

I dropped her off at home and set off across London to my home. Alone. Well that hit me a bit out of the blue. I suddenly realised that i was as horny as hell. When i was playing within a relationship, play was always foreplay. It was a great build up, to great sex. Since then I’d managed to separate the two and enjoy the play in its own right. Over the past few months I’d noticed that i didn’t really get hard during play very often, whereas in the past with Catherine, i was always getting hard during play, especially public play.

But for some reason, tonight had me horny. If there had been a lady at home waiting for me, she would have had no sleep and much difficulty walking and talking today. I was ready to shag the whole of Lancashire (cos that’s where the most gorgeous women in England come from, right)?

I have noticed that when MissLead play’s with me, IT pops up seeking attention. And tonight had been no different. Even reciting the Derby Omnibus Corporation 1972 timetable for the number 24 route (that’s Derby Market Place to Henley Green, via the Ashbourne Road, not the Slack Lane which as everyone knows is the number 4) didn’t help. The neat thing was that they built into the timetable a two minute delay to allow for the fact the pole always came off the wire as it took the roundabout outside Markeaton Park after coming down the hill from the Ashbourne direction.

But instead, i had to sit and look down at a cock that isn’t mine and keep my hands off it. My goodness, that was difficult. So after a week of plain sailing, it just got tough again.

Blimey this is exciting.

Day 23 – Tuesday 29th August

To be honest there’s not really much to add today. Erm … Dear Diary, had a fantastic wank today!

Day 24 – Wednesday 30th August

Dear Diary. Lied about the wank yesterday. Wonder if it all still works?

Day 25 – Thursday 31st August

They say “Many a true word spoken in jest”. I wonder if it does still work. Hope it’s not broken. Or maybe my brain has now been conditioned not to orgasm – EVER!! HELP !!!!!!

Day 26 – Friday 1st September

All I have to say is, that MissLead is the bestest Domme in the whole wide world and that CCK is the bestest Coffee shop in the whole wide world. So what a lucky boy i was to have had so much of both of them in one evening at the same time :). Had a fabulous evening of D/s and rope play – and all on a nice comfy rug too :)

Day 27 – Saturday 2nd September

Oh yes, knew there was something that i forgot to mention. The chastity. The end date. Well it was to be Sunday 10th. But there’s not a lot happening on that day. So, MissLead has decided to extend the chastity until the following Saturday – Hades. So another six days added. So at midnight, i’ll be able to wank, fiddle, masturbate, rub up against everyone and everything, cum, orgasm ……. oh hang on. Two problems :

1) MissLead will be deciding how it ends, not me, and

2) I’ll be wearing a straightjacket

Why do i never think these things through? :)

OK. So i haven’t had sex with anyone or anything for over 4 weeks. And ok, so maybe i was testing the firmness of the cucumber in Morrisons for a fraction of a second longer than is strictly necessary. But that’s no reason for the guy in leather buying radishes to smile at me. I mean, radishes for f****s sake. No matter how big a connoisseur of fresh vegetables you are, there is absolutely no need to spend quite so long rolling them around in your hand. It’s not a safe world out there people.

Day 28 – Sunday 3rd September

You’re just going to have to trust me on this. When you’re in chastity, there are just some things you really don’t want. For a Master to offer the pussy of his sub for me to lick, would, under normal circumstances, be a red rag to a bull (there’s something just so wrong about using that particular simile there).

Anyway, I had an interesting day at LAM, and picked up the straightjacket that i’m apparently going to be wearing at Hades on September 16th (see yesterday). Also bought a cane as instructed. (Side bar your honour…..)

I often hear of other subs saying that they are now switching. So why when i wave a cane around and annouce that severin is switching, do people just snigger and laugh? Is it THAT unthinkable?

Where were we? Oh yes, bought a cane – for use on me, rather than by me. Then off to the alternative, emergency, stand-in, after market gathering (not play, well not much :)). Met some lovely people and perved at one of my favourite ladies who is nearly always knickerless (so i’m shallow, bite me)! Well how kind of her Master to offer her to me – when he bloody well knows i can’t make use of her!!!! But he’s a nice guy and i hope the offer still stands in two weeks time :).

So another week over. The original chastity (AS PER THE CONTRACT !!!) ends in 35 minutes, and we’re now going into extra time. One week each way, with no golden goal. Now, promise me you won’t tell MissLead, but i kinda like it going on a bit. It’s been such a voyage – and has made play, just as horny as hell.


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