A Diary of Chastity – week 5 of 6

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Day 29 – Monday 4th September

Well this is interesting and a little appropriate given the chastity. Today (at 2:30pm) will be 28 years since i lost my virginity. I wonder if she remembers it too?

Well the 2:30pm anniversary passed and she didn’t call – maybe i’ll wait in, in case she ‘phones tonight.

Been feeling really horny from 11:25 onwards. Want to know what happened? Well I’m not telling – you’ll just have to buy the book. Well OK, it involved a task and some ribbon. But that’s it, you’re getting no more.

Day 30 – Tuesday 5th September

Well I thought I wasn’t going to get a task today. There I was, beavering away at work (no, not that sort of beavering, you lot are filthy). Mid-afternoon, I was beginning to think about what time I could get away and start the drive home. When it came. The task.

I had until the end of the work day, to take a picture of MissLead’s cock – adorned in gold stars. Now I like a challenge. Hell 30 days without masturbating is some challenge. Well the clock was ticking. I could have gone shopping in the hope of finding some of those little gold stars you use in exercise books. But that would have wasted time and might not have delivered the goods. I could have held up a junior school, burst in with tights over my head, demanding they fill the bag with gold stars. But that would have traumatised the kids. Besides, I always fancy junior school teachers so the distraction element might have proved fatal. There had to be another way.

So I wondered to the snack machine for calorific inspiration. And there is was, B4. At 45p, B4 was my salvation. McCoy Flame grilled lamb crisps – in a gold foil packet. I gave up a silent prayer, not just for the crisps, but for all those years of watching Valerie Singleton stroking her pussy and doing things with Copydex.

So there I am, back at my desk finishing off a bag of crisps like my life depended on it. Then asking around for scissors. Now, you’ve no need to know what I do for a living, but suffice it to say, that I don’t usually sit at my desk cutting out gold stars from a crisp packet. And suddenly, everyone’s a nosey sod. “Oh what are they for”? “They’re to stick on my cock, what d’you think, now Piss off”!

I didn’t actually say the last bit.

I managed to get four star shapes out of the gold bits of the packet, then went of to the loos, armed with a roll of sellotape and my mobile ‘phone.

I’ve never stripped off in a toilet, and sellotaped gold stars to ANY part of my body before, let alone that part. By the time I’d finished attaching all the stars, it was getting a bit hard, which actually made the job easier. The final star, right on the end, had been taken from the back of the packet and had a bit of writing on it – snigger!

So the photo was taken and sent off, thus complying with the rules of the task. Oh I really should do Big Brother, I love tasks.

Oh the writing, on the star, that was on the end of MissLead’s cock?

It simply said, “Enjoy the taste”!

Day 31 – Wednesday 6th September — Day 34 – Saturday 9th September

People have been asking me why i haven’t kept the chastity diary up to date. Well there are two reasons. Primarily there has really been nothing to add. As some of you will know from reading MissLead’s weblogs, she suffered a family bereavement and together with the subsequent funeral, these things took precedence over anything else.

Day 35 – Sunday 10th September

Well today was a special day. I’m not going to say very much, but I had a date. More than that, it was a first date. So I was nervous and excited and … well I’m saying no more. Except to say that there was a task to undergo that involved carrying MissLead’s name around with me (not telling you where) and wearing her chain around my neck – which I loved doing. Apparently I get fingering and playing with it.

The day went well and I had a fabulous time with the lady concerned, who knew of the chastity and was happy to respect it in every way.

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