A Diary of Chastity – week 6 of 6

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Day 36 / 41 – Monday 11th September

The news today, is that there is no news really as I’ve been ill for a few days.

All i will say, is that despite feeling under the weather, I have been getting horny. And over all sorts of things. Everything from TV weather girls (ok in particular Chrissie Reidy on ITV) and reminiscing about rope / knife and breath play. All of these things make me hard and even though i’ve been ill, that’s been a double edged sword. Because I’ve had time on my hands – although thankfully, that’s all I’ve had, but temptation has never been far away.

What you will notice, is the final countdown has begun. Day 36 out of 41 (unless it gets extended again of course). It it due to finish at midnight on Saturday night. Not that I’ll be able to do anything right away, because I’ll be at Hades – and possibly, in a straight-jacket.

Day 37 / 41 – Tuesday 12th September

For various reasons the week is not going well. An incident at work and a couple of days home ill again, have taken their toll. At a time when I should be excited about getting close to the finish line, I’m coughing and rasping like an aged smoker.

Day 38 / 41 – Wednesday 13th September

Well whatever happens now, at least I can say that I passed, not only the first target date of 28 days, but also the second target of 35 days. Whether the chastity continues up until (or beyond) the 41 days, is not up to me. But I’ve achieved what I initially set out to anyway.

Day 39 / 41 – Thursday 14th September — Day 40 / 41 – Friday 15th September

Nothing really to add other that tension mounting. Haven’t a clue what if anything will happen. I’m not desperate to cum though.

Day 41 / 41 – Saturday 16th September

Completed the chastity, 41 days without masturbating or orgasming or having any sort of sexual pleasure.

Well the first thing to say is that i’m very very grateful to MissLead for Leading me through this. During this past six weeks i’ve come to respect her as a Domme and asa woman – you’re an amazing lady, thank you.

I’m kind of a bit lost now. I really don’t know what to do. The chastity has been over for nearly 19 hours and i still haven’t cum. There’s not really been any reason to. I’m single, so had no-one waiting for it to end. I guess i just have to know that when the next opportunity comes along, i can take it. The point is that i achieved something that i never ever thought i would be able to. That’s kinda neat i guess.

Thank you to all those who have supported it and encouraged it. Actually a big thank you to those that have teased as well. That’s made it fun along the way.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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8 Responses to A Diary of Chastity – week 6 of 6

  1. playzone says:

    Congratulations! Hope the illness goes in time for Hades

  2. submummy says:

    Hurrah, well done, hope you feel a great sense of achievement – or something like that! Have a fabulous time at Hades on Saturday just wish I could be there.

  3. silentSmooth says:

    Congratulations – Your blog’s made facinating reading over the past few weeks.

  4. MistressNikki says:

    Well done and congratulations dear one.

    BIG *hugs*!!!!!!

    See you tonight! I’m bringing *lots* of rope.

  5. natasja_natasja says:

    Fantastic Severin!! I am so pleased that you did it, and of course made it. Your webblogs have been interesting reading while I try to fill in those pesky work hours – so thank you for that as well. Please keep on writing; you have a lovely style, and interesting things to say.

  6. Miss_Lead says:

    So proud of you my dear … think many take their hats off to your efforts, as do I. So much can be achieved I guess, when minds put together!

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