I just hope they don’t show it on CrimeWatch

So it’s 5:00am on a Sunday morning and we’re on our way home from an adventure, deep in darkest Kent.

And one has needs, urgent needs. Needs that cannot wait until we reach home.

Yes, we’ve all encountered that immediate need to be raped, in the ass with a big dildo.

So we pull over into a little, almost hidden lay-by, and, rather conveniently, it has a large flat top concrete block, upon which I’m ‘encouraged’ to kneel.

Now i should explain that i was dressed, rather unusually, in fishnet stockings and a bright pair of pink knickers. My companion, was dressed in stockings, suspenders, little black pvc skirt and top.

And she was as intent on raping me, as i was in need of receiving it.

Now being a careful motorist, i’d positioned my car so that it would obscure us from the road, before assuming the required position, as directed by my companion, or ‘the assailant’ as she could be described.

So i’m on all fours, head down, eyes closed, being raped hard and deep by ‘Kirk’ our Flexible Vibrating Double Dildo friend. It’s all going rather well.

“We’re not alone” were not the words i really wanted to hear. Looking up i too could see the police car pulling into the lay-by.

Scurrying into the car was easy for me – the driver’s door was on my side and i could crouch down and slide in, almost unnoticed. My companion (oh what the hell, it was Ingrid) had to run around the car, in all her pvc, in full view of the two officers, carrying the bright purple and pink ‘Kirk’ and bottle of lube (which she’d rather thoughtfully managed to grab).

Apparently two people in a lay-by, one of whom is on all fours, the other making violent thrusting movements behind them, who immediately scurry back into their car at the sight of a police car, is a little suspicious and we were soon being asked for an explanation.

“Oh we were embarrassed because we were being a little rude” volunteered Ingrid, since the police woman had tapped on her side of the car. This police woman, could clearly see my fishnets and lack of trousers and I have to confess, it gave me quite a little thrill (well i was feeling rather whorish).

They had a sense of humour and thought it was funny and quickly left us alone.

Alone to have hysterics. (Well I’ve never had my ass raping interrupted by the police before).

And so we drove home to continue the session in relative privacy, safe in the knowledge that somewhere in Kent, there’s a police woman sitting in the front of her car viewing the car’s digital video footage over and over again, asking herself “What is that bright pink and purple thing that that woman was carrying as she ran to the car”? By now the footage will either be on police.net or YouTube.


About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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