Blogiculum Vitae

Saint Severin is :

  • …far too cheeky to be called a twue submissive
  • …seamlessly contradictory
  • …a non-smoker
  • …a straight-ish guy
  • …a camera slut
  • …a Sensualist
  • …a Hedonist
  • …extremely open-minded
  • …very fond of bullet points (I’m a bit of a PowerPoint and Excel geek)
  • …is job hunting
  • …is one of Boris’ Oyster Whores
  • …is also a Starbucks Whore (where i add a lot of cinnamon to my coffee)
  • …has an above average number of testicles
  • …is oft maligned and frequently besmirched (and trust me, that can be messy)
  • …has a Wii Fit age of 34
  • …runs and operates the Single Sock Foundation
  • …is widely considered to be “Humorously Mischievous and Lovably Forgivable”
  • …genuinely believes that the lyrics to any song can seamlessly be replaced by “Up yer bum”
  • …also contrary to popular rumour, sev does NOT do puppy-play. And i’ll snap at the ankles of anyone who says otherwise (unless they bring cake, in which case prepare to be nuzzled, endearingly – with the odd dribble)
  • …the living proof that intelligence and common sense don’t always go hand in hand. Because even though it’s highly unlikely that you are more intelligent than i am, i am still more likely to trip and fall down the stairs whilst trying to play with the dogs and do the vacuuming.
  • …has a bit of a sweet tooth, but hates the smell of sugar (go figure)!

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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2 Responses to Blogiculum Vitae

  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed the Monty Python phrase, “He is not the Messiah he’s a very naughty boy” xx

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