Mrs Smith

Like a great many people on Informed Consent, I was saddened and shocked by the sudden and tragic death of Mrs. Smith in a driving accident. For a while i replaced my profile with the following and somehow it doesn’t seem quite right to just delete it. Time moves on and i feel it’s right and proper to put my ‘normal’ profile back.

However much we miss her, our pain and sense of loss, is nothing compared to that of those who knew her well and the daily anguish which her family must face, without a wife and mother. My hope is that in the coming months and years, Mr Smith may eventually be able to look back over these threads and take some comfort from them.

Like a great many, Sev is mourning the sudden and tragic death of Mrs Smith.

Mrs Smith was one of the nicest, kindest people i’ve ever had the privilege to converse with on IC. She’s added so many lovely comments on blogs and thread. Her warmth, her generosity, her humour, were limitless. I still can’t believe this awful news.

My heart and my prayers go out to Mr Smith and the family tonight.


Understandably, given the high regard in which the people who knew Anne personally and the people who only knew her through this website held her, one thread was never going to be enough to contain the outpouring of shock, grief, sadness and fond memories which followed her untimely and tragic death.

For your convenience, they are listed here :

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