As i’m a man of science …

>it occures to me that i should unertake a lirrtle experiemcent.

Now early yesterday, i started to have the mother of all clusters, this was one that was fully intent on kicking my head around house and was making it very hard indeed to come up with a comedy quote.

And this ihappening on tghe back of a weird cold wichixh is making my back really resenitive, my kidneys ache and so do my balls – it’s a very disconcertinghn.

24 hours later it’s still in full swing, but this time, i’ver been given some really strong pain killers – and a little research shows that i might have taken one too many – nothing serious, just enough to be interesting.

So whilst i’m not completely in touch with what uyou folk call planet earth, i’ve decided to write a blog, which i’ll read bACK LATER to see how it sounds.

The first thing to say it that we seem to have a small plague in the house, a morording mixture of aligaters, paper clips and people calle Jekkyyll. I’m not idea where they came from from, nut everyone in the house is called Jekkyl for some reason that i can#t put my finger on.

Oh shit, am i writing this in thw right place? If it’s in the wrong place i hope Mr and Mrs Admin and all the admin babies will more it to th required place – propbably the dusrtbin.

I shall satop now and read this back later, but onyl when thee would has stopped doing it’s lobsided spinny thing that it does when you want to stand up but the world doesn’t wanto let you.

Good night. evertone. xxxx

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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