If ever she combines her twin loves of rope and bees, I’m outta here!!

So i have this friend and she’s become a bit of a bee-geek. She can tell you about the buzzy little buggers’ sex lives, their work ethics, their construction techniques and even their climate preferences. Sadly she can’t yet tell when they just want to be left alone and her nosey intrusions recently met with the sharp, pointy and venomous end of a bee’s ass. I gather it hurt both her nose and the bee, no doubt with the offended bee looking sternly over its rimmed glasses and reciting that old (and on this occasion poignantly true) line much preferred by headmasters of old “Now you know that this going to hurt me far more than it will you”. With that, said honey-bee lanced its intruder on the nose and promptly died. I suspect the funeral notice will say “DO send flowers”.

Now said same friend also loves attaching rope to people and when she’s entwining someone within her intricate coloured webs, she sings to herself, chuckles a lot and has a stupid grin on her face (although of late that’s stupid grin and bee stings).

And so i was very pleased to be asked to be her rope bunny for a get-together of fellow kinky rope-lovers recently at Peer Rope London. I enjoy being her easel, her white-board, her canvas. I enjoy not having any preconceived ideas or any desires. I’m not a “Oh can you tie me like this, facing this way, in one inch silk, blue if you have it and i’ll have none of those horrible rope marks don’t you know”. I just enjoy adopting the pose she requests and then letting her get on with it whilst she amuses me with the aforementioned songs, grins and chuckles.

Of course as all of my friends know, i don’t do humiliation, so having to don a pair of her skin-coloured knickers caused a slight blushing of the upper cheeks but the reality was that it was a perfect choice, since her art didn’t really care for the intrusion of clothing (I’d come dressed for a day at the beach – the shorts were something to behold i can tell you)!

She would claim to just be a novice, someone who messes about with rope and enjoys the creative process. And that’s fine. She shuns the formal approved and ‘correct’ methods and prefers to free-wheel and experiment. And no two sessions will be the same. I love just letting her get on with it, never knowing what it’s going to turn out like.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. It’s a really friendly event and i met up with some really lovely lovely friends. And one of them’s going away for what’ll seem like ages and i think i miss her already.

And as long as my friend keeps her bees and her rope entirely separate, i’ll be fine. thanks hun xx

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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One Response to If ever she combines her twin loves of rope and bees, I’m outta here!!

  1. merrynb99 says:

    Aw, thanks Sev! It was a wonderful session xxx (the rope, not the bee stings)

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