I need

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Damn it, i am so hard for her right now. And i need to make love to her. Today, now, urgently. Alone with her or on stage at Wembley, i really don’t care. I need to be in her hands and in her mouth. I need to be in her cunt.

I need her to push me down flat, to straddle me, to impale herself on me. I need her to fill her cunt with me and use me. I need HER to fuck ME. Furiously. I need her to take me, ride me, hard, selfishly. Carnally. I need her to own my body, make use of it, to find the depths of pleasure it can give her. I need her to lose herself in our need. I need her to scream.

And i need my fingers in her, beckoning her, teasing out her wetness. Flooding me. I need to taste her. I need to eat her, to drink from her. I need to drown in her.

And i need to cum. Shouting out her name. I need to cum in her hands. I need to cum in her mouth. I need to fuck every part of her. I need to look into her eyes as i cum. I need to feast on her cum-soaked body. Drinking hers and mine together. Kissing her, whispering her name now.

I need her to love me. I need to love her.

I guess you could say i need her.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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5 Responses to I need

  1. _Compersian_ says:

    Ohhhh!! Yeahhhh!!

  2. Woman says:

    Hummm…. Now I know you were speaking to me!!!!! Lookity!!! Another regular embracer of their inner perv!!!! WOOT WOOT!!

    Must continue searching your site!!!!

    • severin says:

      As indeed, i must yours, especially when i’ve some time to myself to erm … relax and read your blog. It’s very erotic and beautifully written. And yes, another perv here. x

  3. Faile says:

    Very, very hot! Somebody is a very lucky girl. x

  4. This post pleases me on a number of levels. Soph x

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