I Share
I share my lover. I share her willingly and bizarrely at first for me, without jealously. A totally new situation for me, but one which everyone is helping to make easy. I share her, with her husband. He helps to facilitate this. He encourages it. His generosity is amazing.

You Share
You share your wife, your lover, your friend. You share your skills and talents, not only of the bedroom, but also rather wonderfully, of the kitchen. And you share your wisdom and your time. Oh sure that requires some balancing which we don’t always get right, but we’re getting there. We’re fine tuning our needs and our respect for each other’s feelings and needs.

She Shares
She shares her love, her time, her generosity. Sometimes unsure of whom to please first, she strives to make everyone happy. And she does. We both love her. Dearly. She shares her lust for us both. It’s hot. She’s a slut. A very caring, sharing slut.

We Share
We share the joy of something that’s growing. We share the growing pains of something that’s more complicated than any of us had expected. We share the mundane and the practical, shoes to be mended, bedding to be washed (frequently – who knew)?

They Share
They share the expectation that this can be something good. That this can work for all of us. That with hard work and patience and understanding and commitment and yes, cliché alert – with communication, we can all share in a new level of joy and love.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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  1. Wow, sounds very interesting.

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