A Straitjacket, for me? Oh surely not.

SJdetail On the whole, i don’t win things very often. I’ve never been to Watford to camp out overnight outside Camelot’s headquarters, clutching closely to my chest a winning National Lottery ticket. Ernie has never picked my Premium Bond numbers. So when last Christmas the good people who run the FetLife website said that they were holding a Christmas draw, I half-heartedly entered, thinking “well, i’ve little chance of winning anything, but hey, you’ve got to be in it to win it”.

The rules were simple. There was a great long list of giveaways and you simply had to pick any three. For each giveaway there would simply be a draw from those who had chosen it.

Well at that particular time, i wasn’t actually playing with anyone, so i was unsure of whether to even bother, but i thought “hey, you never know what’s round the corner, so why not?” So i picked my three items and thought nothing more about it.

Time passed and one day i got an email, apparently telling me i’d won a prize drawer. “Oh great, more spam” i thought. And just as i was about to hit DELETE, i caught sight of a mention of FetLife. Hang on, what? What’s this???!!! I’ve won???? I’ve won a Straitjacket???!!!!

According to the email, I’d won a custom-made, rubber straitjacket, made to measure, in either black or red, delivered to my door, from the USA. It was donated by “The Stockroom” in CA and a quick glance at their website, suggested it was worth nearly $700!

So, after finally getting a very close friend to measure me (chest, neck, across shoulders and arm length – i had to get naked and everything) I sent my details off and asked if i could have it in red and then waited. It was being made to order and so i expected it to take a while. In fact it was only a couple of weeks before i received the email to say that it was ready for dispatch and would me with me soon.

The timing was more than perfect because since entering the Christmas prize draw, i’d met someone wonderful and as well as her lover, i’d also become her submissive. I had a new Domme. So this was a perfect new beginning. Something that we could both share and enjoy. When the parcel arrived, I decided not to open it (which took some willpower). Instead i waited a fortnight until i was with my new Domme and we opened it together.

Well it is absolutely beautiful. The small photo above is just a small taster. It is taken from what was a rather interesting photoshoot and there’ll be some more pictures of it soon.

So, what’s it like? Well it’s gorgeous. It’s my first ever piece of fetish rubber wear and i love it. It instantly makes me feel very VERY submissive to the lady who makes me wear it. And it also makes me feel incredibly slutty. So far i’ve only ever worn it when otherwise naked and each time i’ve put it on, i’ve been so hard (so just how daring should the pictures be that i post)? It it so exiting to wear. But best of all, is the effect that it has on my Domme. She absolutely loves to see me in it. It very much turns her on and to put it bluntly, each time i’ve worn it, i’ve been pushed down onto my back and had my cock ridden. What more could a boy ask for from a piece of fetish-wear?

So, how many more details should i divulge? Comment and let me know how much you want to read.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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2 Responses to A Straitjacket, for me? Oh surely not.

  1. Woman says:

    Oh la la!!!! I like you new background!!!!

    Hummm… always wanted a straight jacket. Like giving yourself a hug all day long. LOL!!!

    But YAY!!! On your winning!!! I do hope you get lots and lots and lot of wear out of it and that it never wears out!!!!

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