Her boy’s cunt

Yesterday i had a headache. It was not as bad as some i’ve had by a long way, but it was bad enough. I’d awoken with it. Naked and in pain. At some point i needed to go for a pee but found the bed difficult to get out of (it has sides on it as it’s actually a sofa bed). So i slid to the bottom but as i did so, the end tipped and deposited me onto the floor.

And there i stayed, on all fours, on the floor, naked and in pain.

Some time later, my Domme came in to see how i was and found me, still on the floor. She began to soothe me, to stroke me. And because she is who she is and i’m pretty much me, her hand soon ended up at my bottom. And i needed a distraction from the pain in my head and neck.

Now the one little detail that you should know about these headaches, is that quite often, they make me rather horny.

However, once her hand had found my bottom, i knew what i needed and i began to push against her finger. I felt slightly ashamed of my slutty behaviour, but was assured that it was ok. I was allowed to give in to my inner slut. So i began again, to push back against her finger. Before i knew it, i was like a bitch on heat, trying to get myself fucked, needing her inside me, needing to be thought of as a slut.

No longer was it just a bottom in front of her, it was her boy’s little cunt. My ass had become my cunt and i was gagging to be fucked.

My cock was hard and my cunt was ready. She began to fuck me and i just gave in. Gave in to her demands, gave in to my own wants and depravity. I begged her to just fuck me. To fuck my cunt like the slut that i was.

And fuck me she did. At some point the headache went, her ‘treatment’ having worked its magic.

And we’d crossed a line. No longer was my ass safe from invasion. I’m told i’ll be raped at some point. And i know i’ll protest – initially. And then beg her. Beg her not to stop until her boy’s cunt is sore and throbbing.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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4 Responses to Her boy’s cunt

  1. minxy says:

    So was this the first time she has penetrated you? Was it just a finger or did she use more?

    I only ask because it is something I would like Hank to do to me but I am a little nervous about it.

  2. Who after all said a cunt was female? Limited social construction.

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