Review: Emerald Explorer

(Warning: Contains filth, smut and mucky pictures)

I recently received an Emerald Explorer glass anal toy from in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give it a positive review.
This review is long overdue. I promised to write it a while ago and even hinted a couple of times that it was coming! So let’s start with the excuses :

Well apart from being ill which dragged on for a while but is rather boring to read about, I was also far too busy actually, well you know, playing with the above mentioned glass anal toy. My Domme used it on me, my lover used it on me, I used it on me, hey even the farmer’s daughter … no wait, that might have just been in my head. Anyway I love it. And so does my ass (and by some sort of internal association, so does my cock)!

My lovely new toy came from this company who seem to be one of the better known suppliers of sex toys. Initially I was not sure what to choose, but my lovely Domme decided that we should get a toy that I could benefit from and so we explored their vast collection of anal toys (at the time of writing I can see that there are 321 different anal toys in stock – something for every ass there I think, from the innocent, unsullied boy like myself, to the complete ass-obsessed lube-me-up-and-sit-me-on-a-bollard fuck-slut). There are slender things, little things, big fat bulbous things, knobbly things, wobbly things, buzzy things, looooong things and some things that quite frankly I do not understand! And there are pretty things too, my precious. Including shiny glass things.

So my Domme (a lover of pretty things) suggested we ask for the Emerald Explorer, which is in itself a really beautiful green glass object. It is also available in a very pretty purple colour (also called an Emerald Explorer) which initially niggled at the pedant in me, until my research unearthed the fact that emerald could indeed, also be pink or purple in colour.

Now, being a review, I should offer a balanced viewpoint after all, so I will now list for you the negative points of this toy (pay attention) :

  1. The pictures on this item’s page suggest that it comes with some sort of soft pouch. Mine did not.
  2. Erm ….

Well it appears that that is it. The rest of this “review” merely tells you what we did with it and you don’t really want to know that do you?

Oh you filthy lot. You should now feel as much shame reading this next bit as I will undoubtedly feel when writing it. Well, in the four weeks that I have had this toy (and for two of those I was ill) we have ‘played’ with it three times :

The first time was of course extremely exciting. It was my Domme who decided that it was time to unwrap the new toy and being that most goodly and obedient of boys, I lay on my front and offered hardly any resistance at all as she teased the first and smallest of the five “bubbles” into my ass. I do remember that it felt rather good and wanted more (hey I’m greedy)! Eventually I was rewarded with a second “bubble” and at this point I might have forgotten that I am a non-slutty and very goodly boy. I might have pushed my ass up, eager to get more of the toy up into me. I might have been gagging to get the wider “bubbles” into me, stretching and filling me so my little boy-cunt was full. I might have, but conveniently I have forgotten.

After quite a while of slowly playing the toy in and out of my ass and teasing me with it, my Domme decided it needed to be used on me a little faster. Well I am sure that I was shocked and stunned. I am sure that as my Domme began fucking her boy’s smooth cunt, I protested. After all, what sort of slut do you think I am? I was then pulled over onto my side, but the fucking of my ass continued and she found just the right spot to hit with it. I was ordered to take hold of my cock (I forget just how much I protested, but I am sure it was a lot). As my boy-cunt was fucked with our new glass toy, I was instructed to wank and with the wonderful sensations of the “bubbles” going in and out of my ass, it was not long before I was asking permission to cum. Permission that, fortunately, was granted (otherwise some begging might have occurred). The whole experience left us both rather satisfied with our wonderful new toy and my Domme vowed to make use of it again very very shortly. I probably forgot to protest!

The second time that this beautiful item came out was delayed for a while owing to illness, but we were both keen for it to happen as soon as possible. My Domme had expressed an interest in getting some nice pictures of it, as after all, I was supposed to be writing a review of it. So one afternoon we went out onto the lawn,  my Domme, the toy and a naked me (well we needed to put the toy “in context” – although I would rather we just got on with putting the toy in me)!

We took lots of photos, some just of the toy, some of it against naked flesh. I was enjoying being used as a model and a back-drop to show off the green glass. She got some really nice shots.

But secretly, I was getting a bit, well, you know, I had “needs”. Needs that could not be satisfied out on the lawn. Needs that could only be satisfied indoors. Needs that could only be satisfied on the bed, with a lot of baby oil, a glass anal toy and hot girl taking pictures of it all. I needed to be an exhibitionist. I needed to pour lots of baby oil all over myself whilst the camera clicked away. I needed to use the toy on my oiled ass, fucking myself with it for the camera. I needed to abandon myself to the base and slutty primal needs of my ass and my cock. I needed to splash oil on my chest and face and look wantonly into the camera as I continued to fuck myself, with no hint of shame.

The camera kept clicking away. I kept on performing, needing to show the camera and my Domme just what a complete whore I can be when there is an audience, with cameras! I knew I was going to spunk eventually. Right there for the camera. I knew that my Domme would keep on taking pictures, recording my filthy exploits. Permission to cum was granted rather eagerly and as I fucked my boy-cunt faster with one hand and wanked my oily hard cock with the other, I was soon cumming, the camera clicks getting faster as my Domme was determined to capture the moments of my very public orgasm.

That was a very filthy photo shoot and I know I should be ashamed of just how dirty I was for the camera, I just keep forgetting to be. I keep hoping that I will be asked to perform again for an audience. An audience with cameras. Whoops.

The third time that the toy came out was a little different. Different in the sense that is was a part of a rather intense ‘playtime’ which lasted a while. I had needed to submit, feel owned, feel pain and be thoroughly used. In the end I was I pinned down, made to lie still whilst my cock was bounced on and used, purely to give pleasure, not for my sake. I was whipped, hard. A long session of randomly placed stinging blows that kept me struggling to keep still, yet at the same time craving the next blow, willing it to be more painful than the last. After taking this long and severe whipping that we had both needed, my Domme sought to relax whilst maintaining the intensity of the moment. The glass toy provided her with the perfect tool. For she simply got it out, lubed it and drove it straight into my ass – her boy’s cunt. It was a shock, it was invasive but it cemented her ownership of me.

Following on from this I was raped in another way, but possibly that is for another blog. Suffice it to say that we love this glass toy and I am sure it will be getting a lot more use.

To see a further selection of pictures that we took of this beautiful toy, have a look at this.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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7 Responses to Review: Emerald Explorer

  1. Woman says:

    LOL!!!!! Damn you and the toy you rode in on!!!! Now this is a must buy for me!!!! BUt I have one question for you… you said, “it wasn’t long before i was asking permission to cum” was it asking or begging? Yes, the pendant in me poked its head.

    I like the review!!! Is it possible to post a picture of it beside say a soda pop can? Or drop one to me by email???? I am curious to see how to compares to my Sapphire Falls which is another truly thoughtful toy.

    • severin says:

      Hmm, good question. Well i asked early enough, so i was asking for permission to cum. Had my Domme said ‘No’, then yes, begging would definitely have ensued.

      And that’s a good idea about putting up a picture to show its size. Their website has all of the dimension, but there’s nothing like a good visual aid. I’ll get to it, just for you sweetie.

      sev xx

  2. minxy says:

    H.O.T.T Hot!!!

    I still want to investigate this area more! Do you clean ‘inside’ before you do or go with the flow?

    Minxy x

    • severin says:

      He sweetie.

      Oh thanks for the comment. There may well be another toy ‘review’ coming soon.
      I tend to make certain ‘preparations’ because i’d be mortified if there were consequences. Although my Domme has indicated that there may be times when she might just want to use my ass ‘as is’ in which case i’d probably try and at least grab a couple of minutes in the loo first.

      But yes, have fun and explore your ass – or have someone explore it for you! You’ll be amazed how much pleasure it can bring.

      sev xx

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