The C word (and yes I do mean “cunt”)

I was brought up to believe that there are some words which you just don’t use. Words that are impolite, rude or down right vulgar. Unofficially in our house as I grew up, there was a sort of scale of severity, although curiously, unlike the Beaufort and Richter scales, this scale was unnamed.

If I had dared to use the word “bloody” in any context other than in relation to an injury or war, I would have been walloped. A “damn” would equally have been met with severe chastisement. However the careless use of “fuck” would have probably resulted in actual physical harm and was well beyond the limits of either my bravery or indeed my lexicological needs. There were other “bad” words at various positions along the scale, but the scale definitely ended at “fuck”. Well almost. For there lay, just beyond the scale, in the hinterland of the darkest inaccessible reaches of totally unavailable and unutterable language, the word “cunt”. This was a word so bad, that it was never even mentioned. I was never informed of the punishment which would have resulted from its use. But it would most certainly have involved death, excommunication, the police, eternal damnation and the end of pocket money for ever.

And whilst I might have lapsed into making use of most of the words on the hitherto unnamed scale of lexical shame, until quite recently, the “C” word was still off-limits to me, prevented by some sort of internal conscience monitor. If I wanted to refer to a lady’s front bottom, I would talk to her – about her “lady’s front bottom”. I would seduce a girl by asking if I could put my willy into her front bottom and wiggle it about a bit until the white stuff came. And curiously, I began to notice two things : James Bond never seemed to use my seduction line and girlfriends never lasted.

Some time passed and I then discovered the word “pussy”, thanks largely to Mrs Slocombe, who would occasionally give the merest hint that there was some sort of innuendo attached. Mainly to her pussy. And for years that then became “the” word to use when referring in a sexual way, to a vagina (being a quick learner, I soon picked up on the fact that offering to insert my penis into a lady’s vagina and wiggling it about until the moment of my ejaculation, wasn’t really working as I had hoped it might).

So “pussy” became my word of choice. After all, it seemed to offend the smallest number of people. I could offer to “lick pussy”, to “eat pussy” and to “poke around inside your pussy with my willy”. And rather successfully I thought, hardly any of these resulted in too hard a slap in the face. I was onto a winner. “Pussy” was the word that girls obviously liked to hear.

However in recent years, I have noticed a change in trend. I have come to realise that there are a growing number of women who love to refer to their “cunt”. Yes it’s more base, more primal, but hey, it’s their front bottom, so they should damn well call it whatever they like. And slowly but surely, I have become more comfortable using “cunt” myself. I have even, very recently, in conjunction with my Domme, begun to refer to my own ass when it is all lovely and smooth and available for my Domme’s attentions, as “her boy’s cunt”.

True the pocket money has ended, but I think I’ve escaped the eternal damnation.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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5 Responses to The C word (and yes I do mean “cunt”)

  1. Woman says:

    I find it has to do with the whole situation and who I am with. Even with writing. When I write softer more romantic sex scene, I’d never refer to my pussy as a “cunt”. But then again, when I write about raw, raunchy, hard and rough sex? I’d say cunt without a second question.

    I find in day to day life, it all depends on whom I am with. The English seem to be comfortable with the term, yet North Americans seem to be more reluctant to use it.

    Meh. Words. It still surprises me the amount of power a word has.

  2. It’s a word that hasn’t be uttered from my mouth but a handful of times. Normally calling someone that is why I have said it, then immediately felt bad. Because it is, in my world a pretty big taboo. I love “front bottom”, I can’t say I’ve ever heard that, and I got a good laugh out of it. 😉

  3. I was in a back-street in Cardiff some years ago when I rounded a corner and walked into the tail-end of a shouted conversation between a girl and her (apparently) prematurely terminated date which ended with her shouting down the street: “…and it’s not a pussy, it’s a FANNY, see?” You had to be there to get the full flavour of the broad Welsh accent.

  4. Faile says:

    I was certainly brought up not to swear, but I don’t think there was any strong hierarchy there, all swearing was bad.
    When it comes to describing anatomy, on the other hand, I was never given a sense that there was a distinction between male and female genitalia in terms of naughtiness. Penis and vagina were acceptable. Pussy and willy slightly naughty, and any word beginning with C was very rude.
    Sometimes though it’s good to be rude.

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