HNT / Scavenger Hunt – Barley

Click for bigger, but really, why would you?

All hail to the … well the barley in this case.


Full HNT slideshow here.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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7 Responses to HNT / Scavenger Hunt – Barley

  1. Woman says:

    “Hail the barely?” I was thinking more of…”I’m king of the barely field!!!”

    • severin says:

      We’ve a comedian in the UK whose catchphrase is “All hail to the ale” and as barley is used to make ale ….. well i thought it was funny 🙂
      But I like your caption.
      sev xx

  2. I love it! I’ve always loved the way barley fields look, and your cute ass just adds something special to it. 😉

  3. Pocket says:

    That is a great picture. It looks so soft, but I know it probably isn’t.

  4. Hedone says:

    I love this photo.

    • severin says:

      It is rather good. The photographer has a good eye for a picture. And for once I’m almost decent, although I’ll put up a slideshow of some of the others once I’ve tidied them up.

      sev xx

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