A case of rape and run

Sometimes the ‘play’ with which we associate a life of dominance and submission is for mutual pleasure. At its simplest level, one participant inflicts pain and the other receives it, willingly.

This evening however was not quite like that. My Domme and I have formed a very special and unique relationship and we are both perfectly aware of our respective roles within it. I am hers. Completely. This ownership comes not only with responsibilities (for she cares and loves me deeply) but also with rights. My Domme has the right to inflict pain on me; the right to ask me to make any part of myself smooth; the right to ask for the perfect cup of cocoa (for which I have been trained); the right to use my ass in any way she chooses, which includes, the right to use it as a cunt.

And normally we engage in these practices when it is mutually convenient and when we are both in the mood for it. But sometimes, just sometimes, her needs can’t wait to coincide with mine. That too is her right.

Take earlier this evening for instance. She had had a need for a while. It had been steadily growing but going unsatisfied. She owns me and I have given myself to her completely, in every way that that can mean. And today, she needed to rape me. I use the word carefully. She did not want or need to don her strap-on and slowly fuck me in an act of mutual love-making. No, she needed to rape me, her boy. To put me in my place. To take ownership of me in a very real and physical way. She needed to hurt me. She needed to ask for my ass and expect me to offer it, unconditionally, knowing what I was about to suffer.

The language was minimal. I was simply told to strip and get onto the bed. There I helped her to secure the straps holding the tool of my imminent demise. It is huge. This was really going to hurt.

And it did hurt. With just enough lube to effect safe entry, I was simply raped. It stretched me, filling me far too quickly to be comfortable or pleasurable for me. Both the width and almost immediately the length causing me varying amounts of discomfort and pain.

And I needed her to know that it was ok. I am in no way a masochist but I needed this to be whatever she wanted it to be, whether love-making or rape and in this case, it needed to be rape. And the intensity of the passion was electric. Soon tired of not being able to see my facial expression, she had me turn over onto my back, push a couple of pillows under my lower back and again, offer up my boy-cunt. She wanted to see the pain she was causing. See the love in my eyes and the fear and the shock and the trust as each thrust of her hips forced her cock up into me. Almost immediately I was reaching for something to stuff into my mouth to stifle the noises that I couldn’t contain. Her hand quickly covered my mouth until a corner of the quilt was found to silence my screams and whimpers.

And when she decided that I was getting too used to it, she unleashed her cunning plan. Whilst being raped, I was to make myself orgasm. Except that we both knew that she wasn’t going to stop once I had. As instructed, I wanked myself whilst she continued to invade me and I was soon cumming. And at that very same instant, the dildo inside me took on titanic proportions. It felt as it i was being raped by an oak tree. And she continued. Now that I had cum, the pain level went right up. And I loved her for not stopping. Loved her for not giving in to the normally concerned and caring side of her.

Soon she had finished with me and we had time for the briefest of cuddles before she had to get ready to go out. And in many ways that helped me understand my role. She loves me deeply and can use me at will, for her needs, however uncomfortable they are for me.

And I love knowing that a part of our relationship consists of me fulfilling that role. If she so chooses, she really can just rape and run.

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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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10 Responses to A case of rape and run

  1. Woman says:

    I understand your wording… and I really do enjoy from time to time the same freedom of giving my body over to another for their pleasure without many limits from time to time. And yes “rape” is the only word that really explains the brute force and that giving your body to another. But this is not meant for you, or me or event he dictionary. I just wish there were another word that could be used as “rape” just sounds so wrong.

    But I did like this post! I could so relate to it. But usually from the point of I want to be used like that and not that I need to use a man like that. I torture him in other ways to get my way.

  2. I actually agree with Woman here. There are many, many more layers to being raped than simply being used as a fuck thing. I feel a different word is needed here….
    Owned, used, abused, plundered, violated, brutalized? Maybe.
    Even so, I enjoyed your post very much – thank you for sharing.
    S x

    • severin says:

      For me, I see the word ‘rape’ as (like so many words in the English language) having two meanings: the first being the horrible act of rape itself and the second being the pre-agreed and consensual act of “rape play”. And yes, even as I type that, I feel uncomfortable using ‘play’ and ‘rape’ together. But in BDSM culture, many things are emulated, but in a consensual, legal and safe environment.

      Oh look, I seem to have wandered into a minefield.
      Thank you for your kind comments ladies.

      sev xx

      • Woman says:

        Not a mine field as such.

        Just a touchy subject is all and the utter lacking of the English language. I know in the BDSM world they use words that are more of sensitive nature and use them to express a pleasurable thing. Rape is something horrible. It is stripping you down to nothing, tearing off all your skin then pouring lemon juice and vinegar on your flesh. And then they stomp on you and walk away. BDSM uses this word to express the utter control your dominant has over your person.

        Yet rape is the unwilling surrender of your body to another through physical, and emotional means. Rapists generally do not just want your body they want your fear. And in doing that they tear down all what you beleive in society. And in BDSM, it is a fantastic thing. An act built on trust; on faith.

        It is not a minefield that you have walked in on, just one of those really rare words that even though means much more than what I have stated above, it has come to be just what I have written above.

        I do hope I have explained myself better than my original post. And not made you feel terrible for using the word ‘rape’ to describe what was a good experience for you. BUt just remember who is talking here, I refuse to tell a man I have been very ‘bad’, ‘naughty’ because sex is not a negative thing and using these words makes sex stay somewhat taboo in society.

        • severin says:

          Gosh, you put that so well, far better than I ever could. I really do hope that I don’t offend or upset anyone by using that word.

          But you are right, it was a very good experience. Willingly giving someone that amount of power and having the trust in them is so hot, for both parties and that in turn fuels incredible passion.

          sev xx

  3. Faile says:

    To me the alternative words above certainly suggest a violent sexual act, but that act could still be totally consensual.
    For me the word ‘rape’ carries with it a sense of the unilateral nature of the act. Initiated at the whim of the dominant party, where ‘no’ is not an option.
    It is not an easy word to use, but then it’s not an easy game to play either.

  4. Woman says:

    Exactly. And because society still thinks speaking openly of sex is taboo and it is frowned upon, ALL the words that can best describe certain acts, like the one you did in your post… are negative. So what words can be used to describe it? None. Because they are not powerful enough to properly explain it. All the words that Unlikely used, are the same. They have such negative connotations for something that was beautiful, fun, wild, animalistic and powerful. So we are left with what society deems to be a negative thing, something to be shameful about for doing just what comes naturally to us and filling a need.

    Sometimes? Languages just suck donkey turds.

  5. Mina says:

    Enjoy these days. Enjoy your moments together in the full extent. You have a precious gift of being with her often if not daily.

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