Now even smoother than ever!

It is no secret that I have some slut-like tendencies. I’m a boy and I have an erogenous zone. It’s called my ass. Or rather it used to be called my ass. Recently my Domme and I have taken to calling it my cunt. Why? Because it loves to be fucked. Touch it, and it will helpfully stick itself out to meet and greet you, usually in the hope of getting some action. It loves to be filled with a nice fat (or nicely shaped) toy. Sometimes it will be lovingly fucked by my Domme with a toy and sometimes it will be mercilessly raped with her strap-on.

Now, because it’s a cunt that loves to be fucked, it likes to look its best: to be smooth and inviting and enticing. I have been in the habit of getting smooth ‘down there’ for a while now, as well as in a few other areas. My Domme loves to run her hands over my smooth chest, down my middle and all around my cock and around to my cunt. She has always preferred all of that to be smooth.

However recently, there has been an addition to the routine that I employ when getting myself smooth. My Domme decided a little while ago, that since my face and chest were to be kept completely smooth, it seemed only natural that I remain smooth under the arms as well. The first time that I did this it took a little while, but now the regular maintenance of my smooth underarms is rather easy.

And I must say, that I am pleased with the results. I have always loved to touch myself and feel the smooth places that I have created and now the extra area of underarm smoothness seems to complete the picture. Apparently my Domme loves it too. Today I have again made everything smooth and I am sure that she will want to inspect my work at some time this evening. She will run her hands everywhere including under my arms where the silky smooth skin of her slut will enjoy her touch.

And who knows, she might want to make use of her slut’s cunt as well.

(Edited some time later to add …)

And make use of it she did. We had a new sex toy to review and so of course it needed testing. So my very smooth (and apparently inviting) cunt, got a thorough seeing to. You’ll be able to read the review in full here soon.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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3 Responses to Now even smoother than ever!

  1. minxy says:

    Nice! I hate having to shave…what a chore. Haing said that I like the way it feels when I am smooth…and I love the attention I get afterwards too!

    Great pic by the way! x

  2. severin says:

    Well who other than a representation of Mr S. Todd could i use to illustrate an entry about shaving?

    sev xx

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