Do you cum here often? (Part 1)

When my girlfriend and I started having sex, there began to form, almost immediately as it happens, a little plan. You see, she is a very sexy girl but also quite the little slut. And she loves cum. Now I too (allegedly) am also a slut (though less sexy naturally) but also her submissive, who loves to be ‘forced’ by her, to taste my own Spillage of Purity.

And our plan was simple: For me to, over a period of time, cum all over her, a bit at a time and lick it off. I know, far out. I bet you wished you’d thought of it first. And so obviously we started with …

Knees (sometime in April 2011)

It’s good to have new experience. I have never in my life blessed a girl’s knees with my Holy Seed of Repentance. She has never in her life, had someone cum on her knees. So that’s where we decided to start. At the end of a hot session, I simple made myself cum, over both of her knees and then licked it all off. We laughed a lot and decided that this really was, the way to a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Right Shoulder (sometime in May 2011)

Now knees you can put together, whereas shoulders are a little more difficult. So we’ve had to opt for the traditional “one shoulder at a time” technique and so far, it is the right shoulder on which I have squirted my Juicy Nectar of Manliness. And then dutifully licked it all off her of course. (She does have very sexy shoulders and any excuse to get my mouth on them is good).

Face – first attempt (failed in May 2011)

Yes I know, you would think that her pretty face would be first on the list of potential targets, but somehow the knees got in there first. However the idea of licking cum off her very pretty face proved irresistible a couple of weeks ago and I was eager with desire to paint her cheeks with my Passion Milk. And had we not been engaged in a very nice session of 67 at the time (I was always an under-achiever) then I suspect all would have been successful. As it was (and i hang my head in shame here) I missed. Yes I know, a willing target, eager to look like the very filthy girl that she is and i missed. To make matters worse, I missed her face completely and had to lick most of it off the sheets. And to make matters even more worse than a very worse case of worsiness, I had forgotten to ask permission to cum – a rule which my slut of a girlfriend (who also happens to be my Domme) has insisted on for quite a while. So ‘Face’ cannot be ticked off. Yet.

So where to next? Will her hair get the Love Shampoo treatment? Will her navel become a cup of Masculine Nutrition? Or will her toes become the dips in my Boy Milk Sundae?

Well join us again next week, when we’ll be finding out.


About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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6 Responses to Do you cum here often? (Part 1)

  1. minxy says:

    OMG! I love this…and all the names you use for cum…hilarious! That last bit was priceless.

    Look forward to reading what gets a soaking next!

  2. Sev, you never fail to amuse me. Great post. 🙂

  3. Hedone says:

    I say shoot for the navel. Good luck, you’ve gotta have really good aim. *big grin*


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