Attention shoppers. Today we have degradation and humiliation in aisle six.

We were out of sugar and also running quite low on bread and whilst the local grocery store has a small bakery, the large supermarket, although being a little further, has a much better selection. So it was decided that a trip out was required. And of course once you’ve loudly asked the question “I’m going to the supermarket, does anyone want anything?” then you soon end up with a list.

This was going to need two of us and without a moment’s hesitation, my Domme suggested that she should come along with me to help, so off we went. Once in the store with our iPhone grocery app. in hand, we soon found the items required and hurriedly ticked them off our list: bread, toilet rolls, wet-wipes, cheese, sugar, bananas, oven chips, frozen peas, bacon, olive oil, sardines, Marmite and eggs. The store was busy, not packed, but still with plenty of shoppers going about their business. With the trolley rapidly filling, I was all set to head for the checkouts and then home.

My Domme however, being a Radio Two listener, had other ideas. Ideas of her own!

She led me to one end of the store where all of the unopened cartons of produce was waiting to be put out onto the shelves. Currently still in their boxes and packaging, many products were stacked up into those tall cages – the ones that the store staff use to replenish the shelves from. At the end of the line was a near empty one. It had several large boxes of tin cans covering the base and filling the cage to a height of a couple of feet, no more.

“Get in” came the instruction.

I climbed inside the metal cage and onto the boxes, uneasily as the cage tried to move about on its casters.

“Now, get down on all fours and stick your ass in the air.”

It was not a request or discussion topic. My Domme had used the tone which means, you will do as I say.

She came around to the front of the cage and snapped the front door grill shut, trapping me inside my mobile, metal cell. Then she simply put our trolley of groceries to one side and proceeded to push the cage into the main part of the store.

She stopped in one of the wider aisles that we came to.

“Are you my slut?” she enquired.

“I am” was my truthful reply.

“And are you totally, completely and in every way mine?”

“In every possible way” came my immediate answer.

“Very well then slut, push your ass right up against the bars of the cage.”

As soon as I was in place, she reached in and immediately pulled my t-shirt up over my head and my shorts down as far as she could, exposing my naked ass, which was pushed up against the bars. She was holding something behind her back which I couldn’t see, but I supposed it to be something she had taken from our trolley. Then she strode off purposefully, leaving me exposed, naked, vulnerable and rather scared.

The store public address did its “bing bong” thing.

“Good afternoon shoppers”. What??!! I know that voice, What’s going on?

“Could I have your attention please. We have a very special offer in store today.” Oh please god no. Surely she’s not going to get people to take pictures of my ass.


“Over in the fresh meat section…” (quickly glancing round I realised there was pork to the left of me, beef to the right. I was in the fresh meat section. Hell, I probably was the fresh meat) “…we have a fresh whore for your use and entertainment this afternoon. This particular whore loves nothing better than to have his ass fucked repeatedly by strangers. So do come over to aisle six where we have some lovely bananas and virgin olive oil for you to dip them in before fucking the whore that we have caged in the store today. And don’t forget shoppers, there’ll be double clubcard points on any bananas that you can peel and force into his mouth afterwards. Thank you for shopping with us today.”

I could not believe what I’d just heard. Surely I must have had a bang on the head and dreamt it. But then she returned and was stood in front of me.

“Are you ready slut? Ready to become a whore for all these nice people?”

Looking up I realised that a crowd had gathered and that my Domme was now handing out bananas, whilst a cute little shop assistant was pouring some of the olive oil out into a little bowl. Then they both disappeared behind me and the next thing I knew, I could feel the cold oil on my ass. Before I had any time to protest, someone was pushing a banana into me. I tried to resist but a smack on my ass told me exactly what was required.

I relaxed and actually allowed the banana to enter me. Here I was, naked, in a store, having my ass fucked by a stranger with a banana. It eased in slowly at first and then out again.

“It’s alright, he’s going to have to get used to being a total whore. Just fuck him with it as hard as you like.”

And that was it. The unseen shopper went for it, fucking me furiously with the banana until it disintegrated. I breathed at last. But my interlude was short-lived as another shopper took up a fresh banana, dipped it briefly into the oil and rammed it straight up into me. I squealed as the fucking took on a frantic pace. I was unsure whether to hate it or give in to the feelings that were stirring in the pit of my stomach, when my Domme came around to speak to me.

“Relax slut. Today you become a whore. Enjoy it. A dozen or more people are going to fuck you with bananas and they won’t stop until they want to. So you might as well give in to it and enjoy it. You know and I know, just how much you love getting your ass fucked. Now take it whore.”

And with that, she was gone again, out of sight, behind me, handing out more bananas to the growing crowd of willing ass rapists. I was thoroughly fucked by more than two dozen bananas, many of which were then peeled and mushed into my face. And it felt good. I had completely given in to the feelings. Long gone was any trace of guilt or shame. I was getting fucked, hard, in public, by strangers wielding bananas. My face a mess of banana only added to my degradation.

At some point I had murmured something about cumming, shortly before spunk had involuntarily erupted from my cock, splashing onto the boxes beneath me. But when the next banana was peeled in front of my face by a middle-aged lady shopper, she simply dipped it into my spunk and pushed it into my willing mouth.

“Good boy” she said, as I slurped off my spunk and eagerly fellated the banana, much to her appreciation.

And all the time, the ass fucking continued as stranger after stranger rammed another invading banana into my all-too eager boy cunt.

Eventually my Domme declared that that was enough and the crowd of shoppers applauded and told my Domme what a dirty, filthy whore I was and how much they had enjoyed themselves.

The store manager came over and thanked my Domme for entertaining the crowd before handing her the CCTV tapes for the afternoon. She helped me down off the boxes and out of the cage, before handing me some wet-wipes and helping me clean myself up.

We paid for our groceries at the checkout where the cute little assistant was now working. She giggled at my embarrassment and asked when we were coming back again.

“Very soon I think” replied my Domme. “I do believe the aubergines will be in season in a week or so”.

“I do love my little whore” she said as we left the store. We walked out to the car, arm in arm as I heard the public address “bing bong” into life.

“Cleaner to aisle six please, cleaner to aisle six.”

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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20 Responses to Attention shoppers. Today we have degradation and humiliation in aisle six.

  1. minxy says:

    Aha! That was brilliant. For a moment I thought it was real but as it progressed I started to realise. I don’t think I’ll be able to wander round Asda now without blushing!

    Hee hee x

    • severin says:

      Yes I’m afraid that that all came out of my filthy little head. Siggy Freud probably would have cum from the prospect of analysing that. But I’m still maintaining that I’m just misunderstood of course.

      sev xx

  2. Molly says:

    Imagine having a version of this whispered into your ear as you walk round the store, played out in words and minds, can be just as effective and graphic as actually do it, if not more so sometimes.


  3. Pixel says:

    *giggles* Oh, that was a deliciously wrong fantasy. I want to hear more!

    • severin says:

      Oh thank you. I’m not really a writer of erotica at all, but somehow that just flowed late last night. I’m not sure what that says about me. If I get any more (filthy) ideas, I’ll have another go.

      sev xx

  4. Woman says:

    Ohhh…. I like how your posts are getting longer and longer and more indepth!!! Thank-you for these thoughts as we make our way to the store!!! I blame you for whatever happens.

    • severin says:

      Well as I said to previous comment, I’m not really a writer of erotic – there are far better writers out there, but somehow this just all needed to get out. I’m sure that in your local store there are a great many interesting fruits and vegetables that one could imagine in use in various way. Go on, let your mind go and have a filthy shopping trip.

      sev xx

  5. JeZeBeLLa says:

    i really enjoyed reading your post. while probably not ever going to become a reality i love molly’s idea of having that story whispered in your ear with the chance that the storyteller might figure out a way to make it happen.

    interesting read 🙂

  6. Wonderfully filthy. Just how I like it.

  7. Faile says:

    What a deliciously dirty little fantasy. It makes me want to go and find a banana, dip it in oil, and fuck my boy with it.
    Excellent writing.

    Faile xxx

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  9. Mina says:

    Such a naughty fantasy! Love it!

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