Not Wasting my Weekends

There was a time not so very long ago, when my weekends were being wasted. This was nobody’s fault but my own. I just didn’t see the value of them; they were just like every other day of the week – another day’s existence, another day to survive, another day to contemplate life’s ever-growing list of failures. There was no inspiration, no umph. Whenever I tried to provide some get up and go it was trampled on and rejected.

However, I appear to have picked myself up, brushed myself down and started all over again (to slightly misquote the lovely Ginger).

So what have I been up to? Well of course there’s been some great sex – and that will get mentioned again here. But there’s also been fun, adventure and ‘stuff’.

9th/10th July 2011


My girlfriend was off to a hen afternoon and night. Bizarrely this is the first hen night that a partner of mine has been invited to that I haven’t for a number of years. I’ve no idea why, but girls seem to like to invite me hen nights. And I’m not at all complaining. Actually it’s hen nights and Anne Summers parties – but I’m afraid that the same rule applies: what happens at the hen / AS party, stays at the party. My lips are sealed.

But on this occasion I was left without her for the day and evening. So it was time to do something I haven’t done for a few years. I went with a couple of friends to go fruit picking. For the uninitiated, this is where a farmer grows some crops (fruit and vegetables) and then sits back whilst you do all the work of harvesting what you need and you pay him on the way out. So you get really fresh stuff, straight from the soil, bush, tree, duck’s bottom etc. And it costs a lot less than it would in the shops.

We came back with strawberries, raspberries, carrots, beetroot (which apparently doesn’t grow in a jar – who knew?) and something called ‘chard’  (that’s the leafy vegetable, not the Somerset market town).

Now all we have to do is find out what to do to the beetroot to turn it into the stuff that does come in a jar and stains your tablecloth forever.


Now Sunday was an interesting day in many respects. I don’t really drink on account of getting these. So I went to a brewery. This particular brewery was having an open weekend which basically consisted of them opening their doors, setting up at three bars and serving free beer. Yes that’s right, you walk up to the bar, choose whichever of their real ales that you fancy and they give you a pint of it to drink. For free. You don’t give them any money. And you can go back and do it again, or try one of their other ales. They encourage this. Yes that’s right, me a non-beer drinking person, went to a piss-up in a brewery – and … well I had to drink Ginger beer because I was driving. But it was a great way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon. The aims are simple. To raise money for a charity (you’re encouraged to make a donation on the way in), to publicise the brewery and let you enjoy the ales in the hope that you’ll buy lots more and to thank the loyal customers who already enjoy their range of real ales.

There was live music, there was an excellently organised and very well stocked BBQ and there were lots of straw bales to sit on in the sunshine whilst drinking their free beer. I think that generally counts a a WIN type situation.

My girlfriend was with me (the one who had been out the day before, drinking steadily all afternoon and evening) and she enjoyed her fill of the free beer. I take my hat off to her – her ability to consume alcohol must have taken years to perfect.

Anything else? Oh yes, one last thing. The same said free-beer-fuelled girlfriend (who just happens to be my Domme) decided at bedtime, that I should be her fucktoy. She simply held me down, pulled off my clothing and used my cock for her personal … ‘purposes’. This was not about ‘us’ having sex, this was about my Domme needing a cock to bounce on. I am her submissive and therefore it is my job to sometimes provide her with mine when she wants it. And as she wants it a lot, I am therefore a very lucky boy.

2nd/3rd July 2011


Had a lot of fun in a nearby market town’s street festival, complete with parade. There were dancing girls in interesting outfits, musicians of variable quality and age and a lot of papier-mâché characters.


Well apart from some really great food, the highlight of this particular Sunday, was some great threesome sex. Oh come on. Surely you don’t want the sordid details?

18th/19th June 2011


I stayed at a friend’s place (and had their flat to myself). So I tried my latest free sex toy (I can’t mention who it’s from otherwise WordPress will spank me). It was an anal toy (oh you guessed) with the added benefit of being a waterproof vibrator. Well I have to say that it was not wonderful and I soon started looking at the lube bottle with more interest. I had taken it into the shower in the hope of using it on myself and enjoying it. It really didn’t do anything for me. Although to be fair, as we discovered a few days later, when someone else used on me, it was much more pleasing. But still no fireworks. Eventually I got bored and went to buy fig rolls (this is not a euphemism, I like fig rolls).


A fabulous treat of a day. I went into the West End to see “The Wizard of Oz” at the London Palladium. This was awesome, with flying witches and monkeys, pyros, a brilliant revolve set and great performances.

11th/12th June 2011


To the cinema to see “Winnie the Pooh”. Please don’t judge me. I loved it. Deal with it.

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2 Responses to Not Wasting my Weekends

  1. minxy says:

    This is brilliant. I could use a dose of this positive attitude to weekends! As Hank works long ours on a weekend (being a chef) it means I am on my own with the kids and I have to find ways of entertaining them without going crazy (or feeling surprisingly lonely).

    Good for you on grabbbing life by the goolies and having fun!!!

    • severin says:

      Gosh that must be difficult, especially if it’s every (or even most) weekends. It’s worth exploring the Saturday / Sunday morning cinema option. The Odeon do all seats at £2.50 with one adult free per child. And sometimes it’s a good film too.
      Thanks for the kind comment.
      sev xx

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