Her FuckToyFriday

I am asleep. It’s 3am but she is awake. As part of the preparations for going out to a social gathering of sexy folk the previous evening, I’d made a lot of my body smooth for her: my chest, underarms (she loves that) all around my cock and around my ass – my “boy cunt” as we call it. Because that’s what my ass is, especially when it’s so smooth. It’s a cunt. It cries out to be fucked. It’s a slut’s cunt and by making it smooth, I’m making it appealing, inviting.

At the gathering I’d leant over the bar to talk to the barman and she’d groped me and I’d responded. My body ground against her finger. I wanted to be fucked right there, over the bar in full view of everyone. In front of everyone. For everyone. Hell, maybe even by everyone if she’d wanted.

So she’s awake, fingering my boy cunt and she needs to fuck it, to use me. She really gets off on fucking her boy and this time is no exception. She tools up, lubes up and thrusts up. There are no pleasantries here, no warm ups, she needs to be in my cunt, fucking me hard, pulling my hair, banging her cock into me.

Sometimes I’m her friend, sometimes her lover, sometimes (apparently) her puppy and sometimes her slut. But right now, I’m a cunt, I’m her Fucktoy and it’s Friday.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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5 Responses to Her FuckToyFriday

  1. _Compersian_ says:

    very hot, as usual. I’m glad you are happy & having sexy sex (& not just because you share it with us 😉
    What’s it like being fucked like that? For you? For her?

  2. Woman says:

    You know… wonder what a Wednesday night is like for you guys.

    But in any case, my vagina went out to your heiny with prayers that you did not get torn!!! Those suckers hurt!!!!!

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