TMI Tuesday – Have and Have Not

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List five (5) things you have done that other people probably have not done.

  1. Massaged a human heart, by hand, inside a woman’s chest to keep it going during surgery.
  2. Manoeuvred a Boeing 747 without hitting anything too important.
  3. Made the Queen laugh through the use of PowerPoint.
  4. Been held by the KGB in London (remember them)?
  5. Had my boy-cunt fucked by one of these. And one of these. Ok and one of these too.

List five (5) things you have not done that other people probably have done.

  1. Been arrested (hey the KGB doesn’t count).
  2. Married.
  3. Had a child.
  4. Made any sort of success of my life.
  5. Been liked.

Bonus: What is the oddest thing that you’ve ever seen?

  • Being overtaken on the motorway, by a Fire Brigade rescue boat.

Bonus, Bonus: What is the oddest, kinkiest, or craziest thing you have ever done?

  • What, you didn’t think the sweetcorn was kinky enough? Well how about sitting in a meeting with the Queen and fantasising about going over her knee? No? Well in that case I guess it’ll have to be being taken around a fetish club by my then Domme and whored out.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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9 Responses to TMI Tuesday – Have and Have Not

  1. Sounds like you have led an exciting life! Entertained – and fantasized about – royalty, operated a jet aircraft, saved a human being’s life, and been held (unlawfully, I assume, as you state that it wasn’t an arrest) by the KGB and presumably used some bad-ass James Bond type gadgets to escape.

    Oh, and being liked is overrated. Steer clear of that one.

  2. Faile says:

    You’ve done some awesome things in your life sweetie, but I think you’ll find that being liked is actually one of them.

    Faile xxx

  3. Hedone says:

    1. *jaw drop* Really?! My heart stopped upon reading that.

    2. You and Hubman have driven a airplane. He was a teen when he did his driving.

    3. Waaht? I get more impressed with you everyday. Wait! What was on the powerpoint?

    4. Sev are you making this up? (do tell)

    5. I remember the banana story. That was HOT. I have to read about the other insertables 🙂


    1. Me neither. Hope I never do.

    4. Oh c’mon. You are massaging hearts, driving planes, and doing PowerPoint for the queen…you have been up to something.

    5. Oh shush! You’ve been loved…you are loved. I know it, I’ve read it from someone who gushes about you.

    Pssst! I like you. 🙂

    Bonus, bonus: Delicious! I would have love to have seen that.

    Loved your TMI as usual.


  4. Hedone says:

    BTW…I love the corn photo.

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