Tonight my lover, owner and Domme will have been away from me for a whole week. Tonight I need to feel even closer to her. So tonight I’ll sleep in her bed, I’ll lay my head where she rests hers. I’ll wear her pyjamas to feel enveloped by her (and before you get ideas of me naked save for some little black silk teddy number, she’s currently wearing an extra-large man’s shirt to bed, in which she looks exceedingly cute). I haven’t dared to wash it yet, I need it to smell of her.

Now, in the past, regular and long-standing followers of this blog (and ye gods you deserve some sort of medal or loyalty points program, or possibly help) will know that normally if I’m left alone for any length of time, to house-sit, then I have a tendency to make light of it; to tell of my adventures and of the many mishaps that have no doubt befallen me during my partner’s absence. But in this instance I’m not going to. Oh sure I was tempted to jest with tweets along the lines of “Bother, I wish some of these firemen would wipe their feet” but thought better of it. She might worry you see. Equally abandoned was the tweet that went “I’ve no idea how I should have cooked that, but it was green and furry and looked good on toast. Feel ill now”. She would not have taken kindly to such attempts at humour.

With no pets to keep alive, all I really have to do is keep the Christmas tree watered and …… BUGGER!!! Back in a moment ……

Hi, back again. Just been to water the tree there, it was fine really, I’m sure it’s meant to look like that. Where was I?

Yes tonight, I’m going to curl up in her bed. I might take my lead/leash with me. I need to feel closer to her and I need her to know how much I miss her. But I don’t want her to fret. I want her to enjoy being where she is. I want her to make the most of the time she is spending there. Family are so important and time with distant family is to be treasured, not wished away. I’ll be here when she gets back, nothing has changed. Once she is home we’ll carry on as we were.

But tonight, I’m going to go to bed earlier, thinking of her, missing her, looking forward to her holding me, hurting me, claiming me by rape or whip.

Tonight, we’ll be together for a while in my mind until I fall asleep.

Feel free to vomit if you haven’t already. And if you’re any good at painting over fire and water damage, do get in touch.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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5 Responses to Tonight

  1. Woman says:

    I am not one who usually would find a post like this sweet, or the “ahhhhh” comment or enjoy it… but I am feeling a little more girlie at the moment and that means emotional.

    So… thank goodness you caught me on one of these days!! So my comment of “ahhhhhhh you are so cute Sev darling!!!” Otherwise I’d probably say something sassy!!!

    No vomit from this peanut gallery tonight!!!

  2. Hedone says:

    So sweet….and hiliarious!

    I do love to read you…and perv to your photos.

    Happy Holidays and sweet dreams.


  3. TemptingSweets99 says:

    I agree with the comments above. This is very sweet. I’m glad you remembered the tree in the middle of writing your post. Yes, take care of that tree and yourself so that you’re both in tip top shape when she returns for you. 😉

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