Already naked, I enter the room where you and your guests are standing in a circle, waiting for me. Each with their cruel implement of choice. You likewise, with yours. Although there are vicious canes, single tails and floggers being nursed ready for use, I notice none of them, only you.

As I kneel you tell me how much you love me, how proud of me you are. But you remind me why I’ve been brought here. In one single day my blog attracted a record number of hits, a number significantly higher than your highest and whilst that in itself was no crime of mine, the look of smugness and pride as I’d told you was. For that I am to receive this punishment.

Then you lead me over to the centre of the room where the bench is waiting. I’m bent over it and tied securely. I hardly hear you as you address your guests.

Thank you all for coming and agreeing to help me with what will be a lengthy and arduous punishment” you begin.

We will each step forward one at a time and deliver ten strokes in turn with our chosen implement until he has endured 280 strokes. I shall then deliver the final three blows.

He is my slut and my submissive and he has agreed to accept this punishment with no niceties, warm up or chance of reprise.

I am grateful that you have all also volunteered to help untie and carry him into the prepared treatment area, where we will attend to what will undoubtedly be multiple, deep and severe wounds.

If everyone is ready, will shall begin straight away to administer the punishment.” And with that you deliver your first set of ten hard cruel loving blows. And as soon as you have finished, you move around to my head, stroke my hair and take a firm hold of me as you nod to the others to continue.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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15 Responses to 283

  1. Faile says:

    I love this. It draws me into the moment until I could almost believe I was there.

    Faile xxx xxx

  2. Faile says:

    You did. But wouldn’t you like it to be real?

  3. missysubmits says:

    Public punishment. Yum. I think that would cause me real humilitaion. It is hard for me to feel real humiliation.

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