Embarrassment. What’s the deal here?

Oh do come in, settle yourself into a comfy chair and let me tempt you to a jammy ring if I may! *

For I’m going to talk to you about embarrassment, which is quite odd, because I really do not understand embarrassment. Oh please don’t get me wrong, I do get it and indeed, I GET IT. I just don’t understand it. I’ve studied psychology and I know what embarrassment is from the point of view of a textbook. I know all the theories, I know what its purpose is and its role in our survival and perpetuation of the species. I suppose that what I really should be admitting to, is that I just don’t understand my own brain’s interpretation of how embarrassment is supposed to work.

I shall attempt (if you’ll allow me to impose upon the fragrant loveliness of your sacred time) to explain myself. So here goes. (I say “here goes” like we’re about to embark on some stomach churning thrill at Alton Towers, but I confess the reality is less violent, if just as vomworthy). But hey-ho and here goes anyway.

I have been more or less alive on this planet in some form or other for well over thirty ok forty years now and yet I seem to get more embarrassed, more easily now, than I ever have done. Any sort of compliment (yes I know, hard to imagine) any sort of nice thing said or kind thing done and I get embarrassed and coy and blushy and stupid now whereas I once would have lapped it up, pausing merely to chide them at their “too little too late” approach to complimenting me.

I get stupidly, humiliatingly embarrassed now by quite silly things. Yet (and here’s the punchline) it is only if I am wearing clothes. Get me naked and I am a completely different person as far as embarrassment is concerned. Happy to behave as if I was the sluttiest person alive, happy to be embarrassed, humiliated, displayed, made a spectacle of, you name it, it is certainly no problem.

But clothe me and I cringe, blush, recoil in profuse shame and probably fart nervously too.

So what on earth is that all about dear listeners? What embarrasses you? Do you blush and cringe, more or less than you did a few years ago?

* For those of you who are far more anally fixated, I feel it only fair to tell you that a jammy ring, is merely a biscuit. A ‘cookie’ if you will. Now go and flagellate yourselves for having such sinful images in your head.


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Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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14 Responses to Embarrassment. What’s the deal here?

  1. ngenghou1962 says:

    Talking about embarrassment, I have my share of it. I was preparing some notes to write about a sex topic. I printed them out over the weekend at home, not knowing that my computer is still linked to the office copier. On coming back to work, my colleague passed me the things that I had printed at home with the headlines – how to spice up sex life. The colleague happens to be a female, though she was quiet, inside she must have thought I am kind of pervert, dirty old man!

  2. Blown says:

    I think I feel quite the same as you. I can blush for stupid commentaries (or even expressing myself about common things), but naked I would probably have others more embarrassed than myself 😉

    And yes, I thought the jammy ring was a ring 🙂

  3. Faile says:

    I find any sort of public performance (unless I’m acting) very difficult. Of course traditionally, the advice there is often to imagine your audience naked. In your case presumably you just need to imagine yourself naked?

    Faile xxx

  4. ownedslut says:

    I tend to feel more embarrassed when clothed; or at least wish I hadn’t been embarrassed, when I am. Silly things like, someone asking me to retell a funny story(exclaiming to someone else just how funny it is!!) or when someone points out something I’ve done well in front of others-I could just die!
    But, get me naked and I crave it- to be led around by leash, made to pickup things with my mouth, being objectified-literally. I could just die…from pleasure

    It’s a mystery I say

  5. fromacocoon says:

    Yes I will take a jammy ring….*mmmm* lovely, thank you! And this slutty submissive knew quite well it was a biscuit 🙂
    Lovely post, very entertaining. I have a question though, is embarrassment the same or come from shyness? I am not sure if I actually get embarrassed much, more overcome with shyness really.
    Another question….my crazy nerves when I meet someone new, either for a meet and greet, or a full on play date, is that embarrassment? Or shyness? Or a bit of both?
    I know I get crazy nervous mostly because I am thinking “WHAT AM I DOING?” My mind starts to run things like “Who does this?” to “What must they think of me?”
    The whole thing is rather confusing to me too as I have been told that I do things many others would not (such as “interview” for a bbc off a CL ad) but when I do these things, I am still a nervous wreck!
    Sorry for prattling on….loved the post 🙂

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