#dildointhemorning? Yes!

I rarely reblog something but sometimes you see an advert that is just too sexy to ignore. This is from Desigual.

The Creative Advertising Post

Desigual will not leave you indifferent!

Four women, four different life style: funny, cheerful, vital and surprising women!

And what about you? Which is your favourite way to start your day?

Maybe having sex with your boyfriend or doing it by yourself.

Yes! That’s the Desigual’s advice for the italian spot tv campaign #falloalmattino or it’s just a terrible words misunderstanding. You may notice that the italian word “fallo” can be translated as “dildo“. Here below a frame of the video:

Creative Advertising - Video - #doitinthemorning - #falloalmattino

Down here the full italian spot tv campaign.

Pubblicità Desigual 2013 – #falloalmattino from Desigual on Vimeo.

Anyway, it seems that the pink dildo was cut off from the italian tv…

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