So go on then, ask me!

Question MarkIt’s been a while since I have blogged and whilst I do have a number of posts in the pipeline, real life is really beginning to get in the way. The net result is that I am worried that I will feel disconnected from my reader(s).

So until I can find some time to write something more interesting, how about this?

Using the comments, you ask me anything you like as long as it’s sex or kink related and I’ll have a go at answering your questions.

Off you go, but make them hot!

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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12 Responses to So go on then, ask me!

  1. How did you and your Mistress meet? I am a sub looking for a Master, and I would appreciate any advice you can offer about this search. Thanks!

    • severin says:

      Hi Daniel,

      We actually “met” through Twitter because of mutually interesting people who we follow and from that we got to read each other’s blog.

      The best advice is to just get involved and be yourself. Engage, whether it be on Twitter, Fetlife, at munches or whatever.

      I suspect that men and women look for slightly different things – I found that I was able to make a few people laugh – I’m led to believe that that helped, although I don’t know if the same is true of Masters, but it probably is.

      Also, considering your career, you should probably think about setting up a different email address for use on kink and sex blogs and sites. Your choice, but I’d advise it.

      But to sum up, ENGAGE. That’s it really. Probably not the great manual of hidden secrets you were hoping for.

      But it’s still $2.00.

      Take care and have fun and good luck.


  2. Faile says:

    What do you get out of submission? Why do you want it?

    Faile xxx xxx

    • severin says:

      I get out of it the knowledge that I’m wanted and owned and loved. I get the chance to show my love and submission to someone who deserves it and appreciates it. I get to wag my tail and cause amusement to the one who loves me. Imagine if you will, a beagle, left alone all day, full of love but no-one to give it to. And then its owner comes home. Finally he can leap up, wag his tail, lick his owner and make a little puddle in his over excitement. Well I feel like that. Sorry about the mess.
      sev xxx xxx

      • Faile says:

        Damn it, that makes me the little girl who comes home from school and opens her arms and hugs her long missed pet, while simultaneously saying ‘Bad Puppy’ for making a mess, with such love and enthusiasm that there is no chance that said puppy will in anyway try to improve his behaviour.

        As long as you wag your tail for me I’m a pushover.

        (I’m putting you out in the garden while I clean up that puddle though)

        Faile xxx xxx

  3. b00kreader says:

    Thanks for the like on my story The Hunt. I am currently working on a story that involves a red light district (I call Candlelight), and as a newcomer to this subject matter I was hoping you could recommend some websites (that won’t crash my computer).

    Thanks and best wishes ~Jess

    • severin says:

      Hi Jess,
      Tell me more about the sort of thing you’re looking for. I was thinking that whilst I probably personally can’t help as such, I could shout out via Twitter.
      (And as someone who enjoys being made to feel like a whore, I’ll be looking forward to reading it too).
      sev x

      • b00kreader says:

        Okay so when I say newcomer I mean that I am totally out of my element here. I am particularly interested in dominate/submissive relationships, as well as how people get involved in the whole fetish world, and general bondage type terms. So that’s my completely non specific list of key words. Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me.

  4. Faile says:

    There are as many different experiences of D/s as there are people involved in it.
    If you want background reading I’d suggest starting with a site like which will find you a variety of blogs with people’s experiences in.
    Then when you find something interesting why not ask specific questions in the comments, bloggers tend to like talking about themselves after all.
    Indeed just ask Sev more questions!

    Faile x

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    You make me shy…

    It’s great to have a break & come back 🙂

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