Our rules

LawIsn’t it funny how coincidences come together? A few days ago Mistress asked me to write out a list of what I thought our rules were and this morning I read this post about a submissive wife’s rules, which is on an amazing blog – I recommend it highly.

Now as Mistress and I have gone along our merry way, she beating me one minute and helping herself to my cock the next, certain routines have evolved and rules have developed. But nowhere has this ever been written down. There is no codex, no canon.

So when I was asked to write a list of what my understanding of the laws were, it took some thinking about. Some head scratching, some poking about in the inner reaches of my brain. Eventually I came up with three categories, which pleased me enormously because it meant I was ready to start inserting the bullet points – I’m a big bullet point fan. I came up with :

Physical appearance

  • To regularly keep my chest and underneath my arms smooth.
  • To make all of the area around my cock and boy cunt silky smooth and inviting looking when that is requested.
  • To ask before having my hair cut so that Mistress can watch and supervise.
  • To ask permission before eating biscuits or cake.


  • To give Mistress whatever physical pleasure she asks for.
  • To provide her with hard cock whenever she needs it and to stay hard without orgasming unless Mistress stipulates otherwise.
  • To present any part of my body for either inspection or use when required.
  • To be naked whenever we are alone in the house if possible.
  • To bend over and take it like a girl, in my cunt, hard and deep from her strap-on whenever that is required.
  • To pleasure any other person, whether they be a woman or a man, that Mistress asks me to in whatever way specified.
  • To allow my body to be used by any other person who Mistress offers me to.
  • To only suck cocks when Mistress is there to watch, unless instructed otherwise.
  • To masturbate only when permission has been granted.
  • To orgasm only when permission has been granted.
  • To ask permission before having any sort of sexual interaction with anyone else.
  • To not hold back when behaving in a slutty manner, but to let my sluttiness out.
  • To be a willing and obedient whore.


  • To carry with me at all times, a pair of panties so that I can be instructed by text to wear them whenever Mistress wants me to.

There are probably others and I’ll probably have them ‘drummed’ into me if I’ve forgotten any. I should add that when I wrote out the list for Mistress, I did actually forget the panties rule – it’s just become second nature.

Of course there’s nothing too surprising there really, but I’m curious, what are your rules? (Just please don’t go giving Mistress any really bad ideas)!

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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4 Responses to Our rules

  1. In regards to being sexually available, (in a sense of “do as I tell you) I have two questions for you, if you don’t mind.

    Firstly – have you ever been asked to be dominant at specific times/moments?

    If yes, did you find it difficult to take that role?

    If that makes any sense, whatsoever, lol

  2. severin says:


    I don’t mind questions at all, in fact I love them. It means that someone has actually read something I wrote (which constantly amazes me) and questions usually cause me to think about things from a different perspective.

    I’ve never really been asked to be dominant as such (she’s never asked me to spank her etc.) although my girl / lover / Domme frequently asks for me for my cock, sometimes pushing me down onto my back, straddling me and helping herself and at other times, inviting me to take her, hard and deep. She’s quite bendy so I have no difficulty lifting her legs up and high, holding her tight and thrusting deep until she squeals and squirts. To much information?

    I love pleasing her, so that’s not difficult at all.

    Does that answer your questions, if not do expand and I’ll try again.

    sev x

  3. Whispering Girl says:

    What a great list! I would have trouble not eating cake and biscuits. I’m interested to know how your mistress punishes you when/if you disobey?

    • severin says:

      Well she’s very kind and forgiving of my forgetful ways. Of course if I deliberately broke a rule, there’s always the cane. Or if I’m really bad, NOT caning me – and that can be worse I tell you!

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