How to be the perfect submissive

school_signHello readers, or as I like to call you, disciples. For a very long time now, as I have travelled the land spreading my wisdom and experience, many thousands of submissives have repeatedly come up to me and asked “How can we be more like you?” or “You are so obviously the perfect submissive, how can we attain such perfection?” Well of course dear novices, the answer to the second question is easy, you cannot.

You see perfection like mine takes years of dedicated submission to achieve. Submission, humility, service and pain. To be the perfect submissive as I am, you do have to be full of humility. And oh how I am so full of it. People remark frequently that I really am full of it.

So how can you all be a little more like me, a little more perfect? Well you are indeed very fortunate, because I am actually going to give you some of my very precious tips, for free. Normally to attend one of my world-famous “How to be a great sub” seminars would cost over £2.60 but today I am going to give you some pointers for absolutely nothing.

You see dear fledglings, to be a really good submissive, you have to first of all train your Dominant. And trust me on this, your Dominant loves to learn, but it’s important that they learn from you. And what is the most important thing that a Dominant can learn from their submissive? That’s right, they want to learn how to care for their submissive.

Who doesn’t like to start off their day with a cup of coffee brought to them in bed? And that includes submissives. If they are nurtured in this special way it shows the Dominant that they are there for them and ready, even at the very start of the day, to endure the most arduous of humiliations, such as a morning wanking or face down spanking.

And of course, following on from the full English breakfast in bed that your Dominant will want to bring you, it’s time to get dressed and this again, gives us another opportunity to not only train our Dominants but also to show them our loyalty and in my case, my perfection. You see Dominants love to dress their submissives in what they believe is their choice of clothing. But like so many things, they need guidance in this area. So whether it’s nappies or ball gowns, straitjackets or frilly panties, do guide your Dominants into buying you the right clothing. Otherwise they’ll just run amok and put you into all sorts of ridiculous outfits that’ll probably just make you look likes whores.

And now onto pain. Pain is a particularly important tool for the aspiring Dominant – but of course here again, they need your guidance and encouragement to make the best use of it. After all the pain is meant to be for your pleasure, not to meet their sadistic whims.

Introduce your Dominant to people who make nice gentle toys, feather dusters, soft leathers floggers and those soft furry mittens. Teach them that by caressing your body with pleasing sensations, they are earning your submission, so that if they insist on riding your cock or wanking you or fucking you with a dildo or strap-on, that you are going through it just for their pleasure, such is the quality of your submission.

Finally of course there is the question of cake – what, where and when. All submissives need to be fed cake, but many Dominants don’t realise this and again, they need to be trained in the ways of cake reward. So do ensure that your Dominant knows which cake you prefer.

Well that’s just a snippet of my wonderful talk and I’ll be happy to take questions now, but only from submissives. Dominants, you’re on your own.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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4 Responses to How to be the perfect submissive

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  2. ModAlyssa says:

    I love how tongue in cheek this is! Very fun to read.

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