Should my blog start with an Adult Warning?

I used to be on another blogging site which offered you the choice of having a click-through adult warning screen. WordPress has no such facility and so i’ve got this Adult Content Warning post on my blog.

Is this a good idea or does it detract and spoil the blog (if such a thing is possible)?

Your vote is anonymous, even i won’t know who has voted.

1 Response to Should my blog start with an Adult Warning?

  1. Hedone says:

    Depends on the guidelines for wordpress or your personal feelings. I didn’t have one on mine at first but I started getting a lot of ‘non-sexual’ or ‘non-kink’ oriented visitors to my site because I hosted TMI Tuesday there. Those people would follow then quickly unfollow I am sure due to content. I highlighted the disclaimer and gave TMI Tuesday it’s own space. Mainly because I did not want some prude reporting me as “offensive”. TMI has become totally sex-oriented so I then added a disclaimer there as well.

    P.S. Referring to the other poll question, don’t you dare stop blogging. I would miss you terribly. Even if you don’t feel you have a full blog post just post every now and again…post a visual (that means you naked!) with a snarky comment.

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