My Domme

Pleasing Her

Adoring Her

Fearing Her

Admiring Her

Unwrapping Her

Wanting Her

Relaxing Her

Decorating Her

Enjoying Her

Needing Her

22 Responses to My Domme

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  2. Blown says:

    Congrats. An excellent choice… She made 😉

  3. ngenghou1962 says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us !

  4. fromacocoon says:

    Nicely done, lovely to share your moments and thoughts.

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  6. wow, she truly is spectacular,

  7. Jolynn Raymond says:

    What a wonderful tribute.

  8. writingthebody says:

    Indeed…to all the above…

  9. squealblog says:

    What a gorgeous bunch of photos. You lucky boy!

  10. I like your writing and the pics of your Domme – very sexy. I wish my girlfriend would use a “strapless” strap-on dildo on me, but she refuses…

  11. felixire says:

    You visited my blog (lunariannua) and were kind enough to like it. I like your blog too, but to be honest, as a very conventional man I found it hard to relate to your desire to be dominated. I have leanings to the other (dark?!) side, but it was good to see another side to desire and lust.

    • severin says:

      Oh you see now I just want to read more about your dark desires. Thankfully we’re all different with differing tastes (although I’m currently in “I just want to try everything” stage. Well, almost everything)!

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