Third Time Lucky

little potThe boy was delighted that his Mistress had given him permission to cum. It had been a few days and he always loved spunking in front of her. Whenever he was allowed to orgasm there was always the question of where and how he was to cum and what would be done with his spunk.

On this occasion, she simply handed him a little pot and suggested that he might like to catch his cum. He dutifully obliged and shortly afterwards handed her his milky offering. His Mistress simply smiled, took the pot and went to store it in the refrigerator.

A few days later, after a particularly energetic session during which his cock had been used repeatedly, she produced the same pot, still holding his spunk and requested that he make a further donation. Being that most goodly of boys, he of course obliged, spunking into the pot a second time and handing it back to her to return to the fridge.

Then one morning a couple of days later his Mistress came and told him that they would be spending some time together that evening. In preparation, he was to make his boy-cunt, his cock and his chest perfectly smooth for her pleasure. Needless to say he spent the day in excited anticipation and eagerly followed her commands, preparing his body like a whore might before being taken and used.

When they got together later that evening and played, he thought he might never be allowed to orgasm. He was tied and whipped, turned onto his back, had his face sat on while his Mistress came before she moved down to ride his cock. But after what must have been hours, she told him he was to masturbate in front of her whilst she hurt him. More than that, he was to masturbate into the little pot for a third time.

He loved looking up at her as she pinched his nipples and watched his wanking and soon he knew that he was close. His Mistress handed him the pot and told him to catch it all, adding his new spunk to the donations already held.

Then he settled down, his head in her lap, gazing up at her with nothing but love. As she gazed back, soothed his hair, stroked his face, she reached for the pot with one hand, whilst touching his chin with the other. “Now, be a good little whore and drink up all that cum” she encouraged as she tipped the contents of the pot into his willing mouth.

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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