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Should a slut be tamed?

As my life progresses, one thing is becoming increasingly clear, both to me and to those who know me intimately – I am getting sluttier. Now that could be due to one or more of several factors. For instance it … Continue reading

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End of Year Report

I do love a good set of statistics and graphs and charts generally. So at the end of this my first year of WordPress blogging, I thought I’d look back and gather a few bits of information. Number of blog … Continue reading

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The Prized Dr. Pepper Pants

Date : 13th June 2011 Photographer : My Domme Pictures : 29 Notes : A very silly photoshoot featuring my prized pants (no seriously, I won them)! Back to the full list of photoshoots here. And seeing as it’s Wednesday, you … Continue reading

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HNT – Prize Pants

My Prize Pants. Full HNT slideshow here.

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My Year Off

I was recently given the task of choosing and recounting any story that had moved me in some way and whilst I am not sure whether this is exactly what my task-setter had in mind, it is a story which … Continue reading

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In pain, and bizarrely, craving pain.

Firslty n apology. This blog / journal entry will contain far far more mistakes han is usual n my postings. There will be spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and pssibly grave punctuational sins. Ibeg your indulgance and dear listeer, your forgiveness. … Continue reading

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