About the author

Well I say “author” but I think that’s pushing it a bit, don’t you? I scribble random rubbish here, that’s all. I write the odd naughty thing too. And maybe the odd picture sneaks in as well (although you should be aware that they are often NSFW).

But apart from that, I am that most goodly of boys, frequently described as humorously mischievous but also (and I feel this is quite crucial) lovably forgivable. I love to be restrained and sometimes hurt. Apparently, I also need a lot of discipline (a good spanking seems to do me the world of good). I have a healthy interest in kink, in sex and in BDSM and fetish fun. I have been known to model for photographers, but only the really desperate ones. Therefore more often than not this blog will be Not Suitable For Work and definitely only for the 18+. This is especially true for the HNTs page and the photoshoots page.

I’ve been blogging in a number of different places for a few years but switched over to using WordPress.com which I love, a couple of years ago.

And yes, that is my pink lead in the picture above. You can see more of it here (if you dare)!

If you feel the need, you are welcome to stalk me further on any of these sites (but seriously, why would you?) :