It’s all about the CAKE right?

As submissives, we live for the after-care, the loving, the comforting, the rewarding. In other words, the CAKE! Let’s face it, we do it for the cake. After we’ve suffered at the hands of our tormentors, how can they possibly refuse us the CAKE?

Why else would we let them beat us and whip us? We let them hurt us, abuse us, fuck us and rape our little cunts with comedy vegetables. We let them spank us and spank us hard. We let them dress us in red rubber straitjackets that make us hard and then suffer the shame and humiliation of being photographed for all the world to see. We let them take away all of our clothes and force us to roll around in the wet grass and just when we thought the humiliation couldn’t get any worse, we let them stick strange glass ornaments in our little cunts, purely for their private amusement.

Of course sometimes we deserve to be punished. Sometimes we are caught licking the shop window, unable to hide our erections in time.

Yet we try to please them, we try to humour them and shave our little bodies in every conceivable place. We invent little stories that demonstrate just how slutty we’d be prepared to be for them (although of course we’d never dream of actually going through with them). We even set up naughty little web blogs with dirty pictures, just to try to keep them happy. We’re even happy to stand in as emergency bathroom equipment and to run round as their little pooch when the whim takes them.

Sometimes we perform lewd and depraved acts for them, like sucking off other boys in front of them. Or we willingly submit to be used as a human sacrifice.

And it’s all for the CAKE.

Currently our house is full of cake. I just wonder what I’m going to have to do to earn it this time!!!

About severin

Nobody special and what I write might not be to everyone's taste - it tends to be a bit naughty. so you've been warned.
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2 Responses to It’s all about the CAKE right?

  1. Faile says:

    If you’re lucky then just writing this is enough to earn you some cake. If not… who can say?

    Faile xxx

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